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The Franchi rifle I used was chambered to .308, and it performed to a "T." Over the course of three days, I took two 8-point bucks; two hogs, including a 200-pound boar; two javelinas; and three raccoons.
Here's a partial list: skunks, raccoons, badgers, wolves, snakes, javelinas and porcupines.
Holt took this nice javelina with one shot at 30 yards with the SBR 140-grain loading in the CMMG .458 SOCOM.
I had set up 15 to 20 yards from a well-used javelina trail with lots of tracks on it, and I was prepared to wait all day to see if a javelina came by.
However, feral hog selection differed from javelina selection across all categories, and feral hog was the only species that selected for the Pine-Oak ecological system.
has expanded their long standing business alliance with Eldorado, a division of Mphasis, to include integration with Javelina, its modern payer platform.
When a recent filming session of "Ruger Inside & Out," which I co-host, called for a javelina hunt with a 5.5-inch Redhawk, I searched for a suitable holster and discovered the DAO ($95,
New Street Realty Advisors has leased the former Tommy Lasagna restaurant at 119 East 18th to Javelina TexMex, a new upscale TexMex concept.
Texas javelina In the shooting world there are a lot of things I am not.
CREDITS: A EuropaCorp presentation and production, in association with Peter Brant, Javelina Film Co., Ithaca Films.
Hang with the Sedonans at the hand-carved wine bar to sample new releases from Javelina Leap and Arizona Stronghold.