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What does it mean when you dream about a joke?

Humor in a dream is a good indication of light-heartedness and release from the tension that may have surrounded some issue. There is, however, also a negative side of humor, such as when someone or something is derided as “a joke.”

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The two-night event will be the culmination of a regionwide search for comic talent by the BBC and will provide the material for the next series of Jesting About on Radio Newcastle.
A talent scout for the radio show Jesting About is currently out and about in the region on the look-out for comedians who can pull off a BBC-worthy stand-up routine.
James and Jack Boughen, from Eaglescliffe, will have a sketch show of their material broadcast on BBC Tees and BBC Newcastle over the Easter weekend called Jesting About.
Castiglione approves of homonymic puns in recommending a courtier's generally mild jesting, as long as they suit social contexts and sublimate rather than accentuate aggressive feelings.
Last night crowds packed into the Live Theatre in Newcastle to hear more on the Jesting About project.
Brown combines a look at phenomena of popular culture with an analysis of an impressive variety of texts, including jest books and drama, coining the term "jesting literature" to encompass the entire field of laughter.
I sometimes struggled to understand him but our jesting was all done in fun."
In the temporary "museum"--a private space with a lightly jesting claim to institutional status--photographs, objects, drawings, and projections were brought together in a loose gathering of references.
Brown considers the representation of women within jesting literature as well as women's "unwritten" roles as joke tellers and audience members, and she challenges the assumptions that early modern humor always presented women as the "humiliated butts of jokes" or the "passive auditors of men's jests" (2).
In Better a Shrew Than a Sheep: Women, Drama, and the Culture of Jest in Early Modern England, Pamela Allen Brown places the witty, insubordinate roles frequently ascribed to women in jesting culture in dialogue with representations of women in conduct books, anti-feminist satire, and plays in England from the Tudor period to the Restoration.
The restrictions on laughter in etiquette books of the era were consistent with a moderate appreciation of the value of jesting, rather than an outright restriction against it.
Ancient Irish Airs and Dances is a collection of 201 traditional Irish folk tunes, airs, reels, jigs and laments, often with descriptive and humorous titles such as "Biddy, I'm Not Jesting" and "Hag, You've Killed Me." While the tides are not the popular titles we recognize today, playing through these delightful pieces gives an immediate sense of familiarity, brought on by their lyrical tunes and upbeat dance rhythms.