jet nozzle

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jet nozzle

[′jet ¦näz·əl]
(design engineering)
A nozzle, usually specially shaped, for producing a jet, such as the exhaust nozzle on a jet or rocket engine.
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Jet Nozzle


a contoured nozzle, such as an outlet or the blade passage of a guide-vane assembly, installed in pipelines or enclosed conduits in order to convert the potential energy of a flowing working fluid, such as a liquid, steam, or gas, into kinetic energy. After the working fluid passes through the nozzle, its velocity is increased.

The first such nozzle was used by C. G. P. de Laval in 1889 to increase the velocity of steam ahead of the rotor in a steam turbine. The theory of the jet nozzle was developed by S. A. Chaplygin in 1902. Convergent nozzles are used to create subsonic flow velocities (seeMACH NUMBER), and nozzles with an expanding outlet portion (Laval nozzles) are used to obtain supersonic velocities. Jet nozzles are employed in hydraulic, steam, and gas turbines and in jet engines; they are also used in measurement technology, as in venturi tubes and flowmeters.

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jet nozzle

A nozzle, usually specially shaped, for producing a jet, such as the exhaust nozzle on a jet or rocket engine. Specifically, the opening at the rear of a gas turbine engine shaped to produce a jetstream. Also called an exhaust nozzle.*
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However, at the tiny scale of the ink jet nozzle, mechanical shutters like eyelids would not work, as they would be stuck in place by surface tension.
The washer jet nozzle should be at least 20cm from the tyre.
The package consists of a jet nozzle that is fully certified by FAA and a cone mixer that is in the STC process, while Pratt & Whitney has supplied an NTO letter for the program, he said.
In April 2003, Toll began using IJI's new 31 ink and in November 2003, Toll installed IJI's new EZ JET nozzle on the printer.
The pedals move left and right (which turns the jet nozzle left and right) and turns the boat left and right on a level axis.
The control produced 1,999 kg [ha.sup.-1] of barley, obtaining significant result in relation to the hollow cone jet nozzle AirMix 80, with yield of 2,742 kg [ha.sup.-1].
The key is patience in working the high velocity jet nozzle. Selecting the proper tool is critical, nozzles specifically designed for this task such as penetrator and/or chisel point should be utilized.
To support growing demand for its new EZ JET nozzle, a replacement nozzle for use on all Videojet EXCEL series coding and marking systems, IJI designed a new nozzle manufacturing and test center in the new wing.
* AirCoat Flat Jet Nozzle -- is especially suited to big faces and uncomplicated sections
The jet fluid was pumped to the jet nozzle by a submersible pump, and a rotameter was used to adjust and monitor the rate of discharge.
This system is improved from its predecessors by using a floating jet nozzle to propel the hose downstream instead of floating a tag line with flow.