how to find a job on the Internet

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how to find a job on the Internet

Looking for a job on the Internet is as time intensive as reading the paper, calling all your friends and networking (the human kind); however, it is more convenient and perhaps most efficient. Today, companies want to simplify the process of hiring, and posting job openings on company websites and job search sites is simple, inexpensive and effective.

Resume Format
The most common formats for submitting resumes are Word and PDF. With Word, be sure to keep font selection basic as you are relying on the fonts in the recipient's machine. With PDF, fonts are included in the document, but although your recipient probably has a PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader), you may not have an application that exports to PDF. Otherwise, plain text is used, which is devoid of any layout attributes such as centering, bold, italic and bullets.

Job Search Sites
There are many websites devoted to job listings. While some deal with all kinds of jobs, others are targeted to industry or location. For example, deals with jobs outside the U.S. To find out which site works best for you, spend some time surfing through their offerings. As most sites allow searches on the latest listings, you can easily go back and see if anything new has been posted.

Be sure to check the employment category with services such as Yahoo. You will find information on job banks, career planning, resume services, resume banks and more to help you find gainful employment. also has resources such as career advice and articles pertaining to job hunting. Following are some of the job sites on the Web. Good luck and happy hunting.

America's Job Bank (Dept. of Labor)





  U.S. including advice and tips

  U.S. (you control who sees resume)

  U.S. (college students/graduates)

  U.S. (technical, professional)

  U.S. & Canada (technical, professional)

  Wall Street Journal listings.

  San Francisco Bay area

  Marketing/Pacific Northwest

  U.S. Federal job searches

  Temporary jobs

  Resume sources
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