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The device produced BLI's job stream - which simulates typical office usage - in the fastest time for units in its speed range.
The authors, who are careful to describe what EDI is and is not, define EDI as an "exchange of electronic business documents between trading partners computer to computer, in a standard format, thus allowing these documents to be received, validated, and accepted into the job stream of the receiving computer and immediately processed if so desired.
Critical data sets are identified as those as input into a job prior to being output from a job within a given job stream.
Contract awarded for To Lease A Copier That Provides A Speed Of 110Ppm 250 Sheets Bypass 250 Sheets Of Document Feeder Dual Head Scan Power Source Required 220 V/15 Amp Copy/Print 2400 X 2400 Dpi Built In Decurler 6 Paper Trays 2 Adjustable 4 High Capacity Scan To PDF/A Encrypted PDF Searchable PDF And Program Ahead With Unlimited Job Stream Feeding.
From cable and television channels, post-producers, universities, independent studies of sound, musicians and producers, and companies of live sound, VGL clients find the solutions that fit their creative needs of production, job stream and budget.
Canon has won BLI's 2014 "Most Energy-Efficient A4 Line of the Year" for its current A4 line of printers and MFPs, which consistently demonstrated lower than average energy consumption in BLI's real-world environmental job stream test.
Other options include a cover interposer that inserts preprinted covers into the job stream, a nine-bin mailbox, and a tab sheet unit.
the scanner is designed for high-volume document processing operations that require an advanced capture and management platform from a single source, to handle diverse job streams that integrate and serve as an extension of any it or document management strategy.
This is the latest product to be developed as part of Halcyon Software's on-going web enablement programme and provides organisations with the flexibility to schedule and track complex job streams across different IBM i systems over the internet, using a wide range of mobile devices, to ensure that business processes are running smoothly.
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers running complex, lengthy job streams with large or variable amounts of data can take advantage of the advanced automation features in UC4 ONE Automation Platform to shorten processing times within JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.
Given the strong compatibility between UniKix and mainframe technology, the organization's dynamic JCL functionality such as Natural remote job entry (NATRJE), Auto Edit Variables and complex conditional job streams could be preserved on open systems with UniKix BPE software.
IT operations staff must define and execute these job streams and ensure that everything runs on time, in the proper sequence, and without errors.