joint bolt

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handrail bolt, joint bolt, rail bolt

A metal rod with threads and a nut at each end; used to bolt together two mating surfaces in a butt joint.
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The proposed FE model for the joint bolt was able to capture the major mechanical behavior of the bolt in terms of tension, shear, and bending and realize the relative translation and rotation between the two bolt ends in any direction.
Damage Evolution Model for Joint Bolts. In order to better investigate the failure characteristics of the joint bolt during the HST impact loading process, it was necessary to choose an appropriate damage evolution model for the bolt.
In order to investigate the influence of bolt failure on the mechanical behavior of the joint bolt, another FE model (named Model II) of the shield tunnel without considering the bolt failure was established for comparisons.
In this paper, a numerical investigation of the failure characteristics of the joint bolt and its influences on the dynamic behavior of the shield tunnel was performed.
However, Yan et al.'s work was mainly focused on the influences of HST impact loads on tunnel segments without considering the failure characteristics of joint bolts, which were used to connect adjacent segments.
In particular, the failure behavior of joint bolts in the tunnel subjected to the impact loading from the HST derailment was carefully examined.
The material properties of the lining and the surrounding rock are provided in Table 1, while the mechanical properties of the joint bolts are listed in Table 2.
Additionally, BOLTRIGHT PRO will produce a clear and easy to follow bolt tightening procedure, which will include the correct Hi-Force tool selection, along with the correct sequence of applying the loads onto the respective flange joint bolts. The procedure will also include the applicable hydraulic pump pressure settings for each stage of the bolt tightening process.
The High Resolution (HR) SmartBott, from Stress Indicators Inc., is a visual tension indicator for joint bolts. Using visual indication, the degree of bolt tension may be estimated by the indicator color.
Mechanical joint bolts or tee head bolts are manufactured in accordance with AWWA specification ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.11 A-84.
TIGHTEN THE MITER JOINT BOLTS after applying plenty of glue to both edges.

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