joint factor

joint efficiency

In welding, the ratio of the strength of a joint to the strength of the base metal; expressed in percent.
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In a multiple joint kinematic chain, because a multiple joint i composed of k links contains (k - 1) simple joints, defined multiple joint factor [p.sub.i] of a multiple joint i is as follows:
Multiple joint a is formed by connecting four links, 6, 7, 8, and 10, so its corresponding multiple joint factor is [p.sub.a] = 2.
Further, domain and facet level joint factor analyses were performed to see whether SL and the Dark Triad mix and share common factor space.
Letting Y denote real output, L denote labour input (annual hours worked) and as before let K denote real tangible physical capital stocks, then joint factor productivity in country j relative to that in the United Kingdom (u) is given by:
The joint factor productivity ratio between the two countries is estimated on the basis of Solow's traditional specification of the Cobb-Douglas production function, with weights for labour and capital which represent the factor shares in total GDP.
The Minister said that the state's sovereignty, independence, rejection of foreign interference and countering terrorism are the principles which can't be rejected by any nationalistic person, indicating that the coalition delegation to Geneva 2 called "opposition" refused these principles, the matter which affirms that it does not want any joint factors that could be built upon.
On her turn, the Lithuanian Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs said that this meeting is a great opportunity to discuss joint factors between the two countries in the investment aspect and address the trade services and facilities rendered by the authority for foreign investors.
The joint factors of lower prices and shortage of buy-to-let mortgages have restored a welcome emphasis on owner-occupiers and family accommodation, and Ben Bailey says it detects much greater demand for houses instead of previously popular typical two-bedroom apartments.
Joint factors. Two joints potentially implicated in the development of stress fractures are the costovertebral and costotransverse joints (11).
The factors that limit joint ROM have been separated into general factors accounting for about 5% of flexibility, muscular factors, which can contribute about 10% to flexibility, and finally joint factors, which can contribute around 85% to flexibility performance.
Out of six theory-suggested fundamental variables (dividend yield, payout ratio, size, asset growth, leverage, and earning volatility), the highly significant joint factors observed are payout ratio, size, leverage, and dividend yield.
Speaking to Anadolu Agency on the cooperation, Yilmazkan added that these documentary programs will focus on the joint factors in the Syrian and Turkish cultures, indicating that the Syrian TV would provide all the facilities for shooting and preparing these programs.
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