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(computer science)
Property of data which can be recovered in the event of its destruction through failure of the recording medium, user carelessness, program malfunction, or other mishap.
The ability of a navigation system to inform the user in a timely manner of a latent failure that may cause a hazardous condition.
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integrity (aeronautical data)

A degree of assurance that an aeronautical data and its value has not been lost nor altered since the data origination or authorized amendment (ICAO).
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data integrity

The quality of correctness, completeness, wholeness, soundness and compliance with the intention of the creators of the data. It is achieved by preventing accidental or deliberate but unauthorized insertion, modification or destruction of data in a database. Data integrity is one of the six fundamental components of information security (see Parkerian Hexad). See message integrity.
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We currently have four containers mobilised across two plant construction sites and our clients are already seeing the benefit of employing a specialist Bolting Services Company, to manage all of their joint integrity needs at site.
"Upon inspection every 250 hours, the Spiralock fasteners maintained joint integrity without losing torque for 15,000 cycles.
In addition, certain antagonists, or opposing groups, are vital in maintaining joint integrity when decelerating rapidly executed movements (e.g., executed a sharp, lateral cut from a full, straight-ahead sprint).
Managers and engineers are understandably hesitant to change familiar production practices, but benefits to the bottom line through better joint integrity, as well as streamlined assembly and maintenance, are proving to be strong motivators in a range of industries, which are rapidly adopting a unique thread form with exceptional resistance to shock, load and vibration.
High density polyethylene (HDPE) will rise at the fastest pace due to its flexibility, sturdiness, joint integrity and trench-laying capabilities.
At the same time, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) will enjoy the fastest growth rate among resins, owing to its flexibility, sturdiness, joint integrity, and trench-laying capabilities.
These joints are insulated, but joint integrity can be compromised at the insulated joints by water seeping under the insulation, causing under-insulation corrosion.
Over the centuries the technology and how it relates to bolted joint integrity has improved significantly.
Experimental work was carried out to investigate the effect of electroless Ni/ electroless Pd/immersion gold (ENEPIG) layer thicknesses on SnBiAg solder joint integrity during extended reflow at peak temperatures as low as 175[degrees]C.
White Mulberry and Cutch Tree Extracts Restore Joint Integrity
THE TTE Technical Training Group has entered a relationship with The Academy of Joint Integrity to offer specialist pipeline integrity training programmes.

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