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What does it mean when you dream about a joke?

Humor in a dream is a good indication of light-heartedness and release from the tension that may have surrounded some issue. There is, however, also a negative side of humor, such as when someone or something is derided as “a joke.”

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Mu Li's paper, I lacked information on the tradition of joking in Chinese culture, especially the factors that affect transmission.
The limited research which has been done to date suggests that joking on the job has other positive functions--as well as potentially dangerous outcomes.
Joking aside, Vaughn knows his teammates are counting on him to take punting seriously.
Thousands condemned the video of Duterte joking, Napakaganda, dapat mayor [Duterte] muna ang mauna (She was so beautiful, mayor [Duterte] should have been first).
Janet Jarvits, owner of a rare cookbook store in Glendale, said, ``Even if we didn't have e-mail, I think we'd all be joking about it.
The less-than-funny fact is that using the company's e-mail for jokes is not a joking matter.