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What does it mean when you dream about a joke?

Humor in a dream is a good indication of light-heartedness and release from the tension that may have surrounded some issue. There is, however, also a negative side of humor, such as when someone or something is derided as “a joke.”

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'What, are we going to announce today?' he jokingly quizzed the reporters back.
When they got out of the deep water and stood near the beach, one of the men jokingly pushed his colleague to "check his balance".
And, when asked during an interview with France Football how much he thought he would be worth in the current market, Sissoko jokingly replied while laughing: "If I was club president (at Newcastle), why not [euro]100m!
Alan Rothwell, BTR race director, jokingly wrestles the World Santa Dash Challenge 'Santaz' trophy off Linda Smith, associate executive director of Las Vegas charity Opportunity Village Picture: JAMES MALONEY
But yesterday, her partner Nick Kroll jokingly posted on Twitter: "Hey Bono, watch your back."
A few protesters gathered in historic Charleston to jokingly welcome Gov.
A MIDLAND teacher who was suspended from school for posing a "risk to pupils" and who "jokingly" offered to get them drugs and alcohol for a prom has been reprimanded.
The man, known only as Colin, jokingly offered to give his son pounds 500 if Newcastle could salvage anything from the game.
THE Fly on the Wall alighted on the best horseracing website in the US, the Paulick Report, the other day and found this comment on an item by the host: "At the track, not only do you pay to park, to walk in the dilapidated gate to the dilapidated facility, pay confiscatory prices for what is jokingly referred to as food, warm beer, information and programs, and - to top it off - you have to pay 20 per cent or more to make a wager.
Nettlefolds was always jokingly referred to as the "nail factory" by those who were fortunate to be employed at GK and B.
He later admitted that he did jokingly lob some cutlery after asking to be left alone with two colleagues.
When his teacher learned that he had acquired two PlayStation 3s, she jokingly suggested that he donate one to a fundraising raffle she was organizing to benefit a local family named Hudon.