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The Supreme Court then set aside the entire proceedings of the tribunal and its judgement delivered in favour of Adeleke and the PDP.
On the other hand, these producers claim that management is wrongly interpreting the judgement as in the same decision the apex court has dismissed the PTV management's review petition against the earlier judgment of the Supreme Court given in their favour.
The judgement authored by Justice Gulzar Ahmad stated that the court heard review petition at length and the Court reserved the judgement and asked the counsels for the petitioners to file written submissions if any, which the counsels for the review petitioners had filed.
"I have not even read the judgement. I only hear from you that the judgement has come.
The Law Society of Namibia (LSN) compiled a list of outstanding judgements in 2010 which showed that one appeal judgement dating back from 2004 was still being awaited in the Supreme Court, while two judgements dating from 2005, eight from 2006 and three from 2007 had also not been delivered in the Supreme Court by late 2010.
Subsequent to the Judgement of Foreclosure, EDEA was advised that the property owner, 245 East 117, Inc.
The quoted remarks suggest perhaps that he regards the negative judgement as simply parallel to the affirmative, differing only with respect to whether the subject feels pleasure or pain, satisfaction or dissatisfaction.
The penalties for non-compliance on the Order to Appear are harsher than the original small claims hearing and subsequent judgement. The debtor's examination brings you face to face with the judgment debtor, reinforcing the legal obligation of the debt and that you expect payment in full.
This may not be appropriate....Examiners should ask the taxpayer only for the information actually needed for the examination of the return in question....While we are required to do probes for unreported income, the degree of the probe is a matter of judgement [sic] which must be determined on a case by case basis.
Such views assume that disfigurement (i.e., negative judgement) is an intrinsic aspect of some facial differences, and that cultural factors interact with this initial disfigurement thereby adding to, or amplifying it.
SENATOR Ademola Adeleke, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate for Osun 2018 Governorship Election said he had instructed his counsels to challenge the appeal court judgement which upheld Gov Gboyega Oyetola's election at the Supreme court.