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, judgement
a. the decision or verdict pronounced by a court of law
b. an obligation arising as a result of such a decision or verdict, such as a debt
c. the document recording such a decision or verdict
2. Logic
a. the act of establishing a relation between two or more terms, esp as an affirmation or denial
b. the expression of such a relation


Monker and Nakir
hideous black angels who determine the fate of each soul after death. [Muslim Myth.: Benét, 679]
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Subsequent to the Judgement of Foreclosure, EDEA was advised that the property owner, 245 East 117, Inc.
Indeed it is hard to downplay the importance of the face in human interactions and in forming social judgements, especially in the beginning phases.
The judgement further ordered that each party bear its own costs of the litigation.
Further, the Court noted that since the bank was not a mortgagee in possession (for only then would the bank have been obliged to preserve the property from loss and injury and to conserve its value), the bank should not be denied a deficiency judgement.
SIRIT and its attorneys intend expeditiously to take all appropriate actions to execute and collect its Judgement against Able and Davidson.
Business Interference Judgement - Both Parties File for Rehearing
35 until the judgement is actually paid to the company.
V:OTC Bulletin Board:MDNR) announces the Reuters Press Release on May 29, 1999, regarding a court judgement against Modern Records was inaccurate and false.
UK-based Eidos Technologies (Nasdaq:EIDSY), a leading software developer for digital video solutions, today announced its next generation non-linear editing (NLE) system branded as Judgement is nearing completion with an expected May shipping date.
Although LPI is confident Judge Johnson ruled correctly in the case, officials for the company are disappointed that the judgement could be voided by a technicality that has no bearing on the merits of the case.