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, judgement
a. the decision or verdict pronounced by a court of law
b. an obligation arising as a result of such a decision or verdict, such as a debt
c. the document recording such a decision or verdict
2. Logic
a. the act of establishing a relation between two or more terms, esp as an affirmation or denial
b. the expression of such a relation


Monker and Nakir
hideous black angels who determine the fate of each soul after death. [Muslim Myth.: Benét, 679]
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But such a strategy (if indeed it is Kant's strategy) is mistaken, since there is a serious problem with Kant's theory that only emerges when the nature of negative judgements is considered.
That all judgements of taste, whether affirmative or negative, must be undetermined by concepts is of a piece with Kant's conception of judgements of taste as aesthetical judgements.
The prominence and centrality of the face in influencing others' judgements of one's attractiveness means that persons with facial disfigurements experience the negative effects of the appearance stereotype outlined above, namely negative judgements regarding employability, marriageability, etc.
MacGregor (1953) outlines five social forces operating to add to the already negative judgements of persons with facial deformities:
In the Nile Hotel Arbitration, the Egyptian Government Company managed to obtain a court directive to implement the Nile Arbitration judgement, but the directive was in contradiction to the actual final Nile Hotel Arbitration Judgement.