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a leader of the peoples of Israel from Joshua's death to the accession of Saul

What does it mean when you dream about a judge?

A judge may represent an authority figure—in real life or in the dreamer’s psyche—who constantly condemns or criticizes spontaneous actions that are considered to be unruly and frivolous. A dream in which one feels guilty about committing a wrong may indicate a subconscious need to condemn one’s actions—self-judgment. Alternatively, judges may represent justice or good/bad judgment. (See also Court).

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Second, a negative response by a majority of active judges on a court of appeals to the initial query from the Subcommittee on Statistics should not stand as an absolute barrier to consideration of new judgeships for court.
nominating numerous minorities for federal judgeships without consulting
Since coming to the White House in 1993, Bill Clinton has consistently failed to advance nominees for federal judgeships who carry even the faintest whiff of liberalism.
His announced ambition is not to sit on the trial bench of the Supreme Court, for which seat he will be running, uncontested, for election this year, but to be designated for an Appellate Division judgeship after he is elected.
We recognize that the funding of new judgeships is an expensive proposition, especially during difficult economic times with diminished state revenues," the unanimous court said.
The state has 554 judgeships, including 98 appellate slots and 456 district courts, according to the state's Office of Court Administration.
Out of 50 circuit court races statewide, only four are contested - and no candidate has filed for six of the judgeships.
To the extent that the case weights may now understate or overstate time demands on bankruptcy judges, the weights could potentially result in the Judicial Conference understating or overstating the need for new bankruptcy judgeships.
This may enhance the appeal of judgeships, but probably not for persons with generous helpings of integrity, fairness, learning, and reasoning ability.
The debate over whether to limit the number of federal judges is several years old but was revived when the Ninth Circuit in California requested 10 additional judgeships.
In April of 2001 Governor Jeb Bush nominated Garcia to serve on the first-ever Judicial Nominating Committee, a group responsible for nominating to the president of the United States candidates for Federal judgeships and the U.
This proposed project would provide a new 44-courtroom criminal courthouse, replacing 35 courtrooms of the Schaber Courthouse and providing for nine new judgeships.