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1 In political science, see federal governmentfederal government
or federation,
government of a union of states in which sovereignty is divided between a central authority and component state authorities. A federation differs from a confederation in that the central power acts directly upon individuals as well as
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. 2 In U.S. history, see states' rightsstates' rights,
in U.S. history, doctrine based on the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, which states, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
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(1) A form of state organization that usually exists in multinational states.

(2) In a number of countries, a political movement in support of a federal system of government.

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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan also said he had instructed counsel over the possibility of a judicial review of the decision.
The application will now be considered by a judge and a decision made as to whether permission to apply for judicial review can be granted.
The last time Sisu applied for a judicial review against Coventry City Council, the judge handed down the judgment the following day.
This is not to say that the idea of an expanded judicial review should be scrapped altogether.
Respect for the law's moral mission is one of Smith's distinguishing contributions, and it lies at the heart of her take on objective judicial review.
I will now move to discuss in more detail Harel's critique of constitutional instrumentalism within the context of constitutionalism and judicial review.
The health board has not offi-cially been informed of a judicial review.
It's very, very broad and that's why we feel so strongly that we need to intervene in this because the implications of the judicial review being in favour of Canada could impact the whole authority and veracity of the tribunal and the whole process," said Jody Woods, research director with the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs.
In a joint statement released by the council and Shepherd Offshore, the spokeswoman said Mr Shepherd would continue to pursue a judicial review.
51 (1965), known as the Freedman standard, required that lower courts determine whether the decision to issue a license was made within a "specified brief period" and, when judicial review was sought, whether the status quo was maintained pending a final determination on the merits; (3) whether the licensing procedures assure "a prompt final denial of a license;" (4) and whether the procedures place the burden of instituting judicial proceedings and proving that the expression is unprotected on the censor rather than the exhibitor.
A group of individuals represented by Manches LLP is filing for a Judicial Review against the UK's Financial Services Authority for allegedly "acting unreasonably in establishing and changing the criteria for businesses to be within the review," where banks mis-sold interest rate hedging products to small to medium enterprises.
Inumeros trabalhos tem se dedicado especialmente ao tema, identificando, por exemplo, como a atividade judicial ganhou, no ambito deste arranjo institucional, contornos politicos (ELY, 1980; WHITTINGTON, 2007), e, da mesma forma, como o judicial review serviu de instrumento para uma Suprema Corte adotar um comportamento ativista (2).