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1 In political science, see federal governmentfederal government
or federation,
government of a union of states in which sovereignty is divided between a central authority and component state authorities. A federation differs from a confederation in that the central power acts directly upon individuals as well as
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. 2 In U.S. history, see states' rightsstates' rights,
in U.S. history, doctrine based on the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, which states, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
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(1) A form of state organization that usually exists in multinational states.

(2) In a number of countries, a political movement in support of a federal system of government.

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A council spokesperson said: "The council claimed that Mr Joicey's application for judicial review was invalid because the claim form had not been served on them.
That's what they're doing in the judicial review," said Woods.
Council leaders have previously said the judicial review would be "defended vigorously", while former mayor Linda Arkley claimed the action could put jobs at risk and deter other investors.
Judicial review of local government administrative decisions depends on whether the administrative action is quasi-judicial or quasi-legislative.
uk/you-and-the-judiciary/judicial-review) judicial review is a doctrine in UK law that allows legislative and executive actions to be subject to a review, and possible invalidation, by the judiciary.
The mere prospect of a judicial review into the procurement process unearthed significant technical flaws in the way the contract was awarded.
After taking legal advice, the group has decided not to pursue a judicial review into the council's decision last year to allow Miller Homes to build 294 houses at the site.
Professor Gerber's concluding chapter on the relationship between judicial review and judicial independence is a masterful capstone to his meticulous state-by-state exploration of judicial independence.
Notwithstanding all of the attention paid to the rule, (11) though, few have considered the extent to which it is part of the paradigm within which courts traditionally have addressed another branch's unconstitutional conduct: judicial review.
A spokesman for the wholesale market traders' association said that while a judicial review application was being considered by the court, it would be a waste of time to continue discussions with Birmingham City Council over the Pershore Street site.
BAA, a UK based airport operator, on Thursday said it will be seeking a judicial review of the Competition Commission's decision for it to sell Stansted and either Edinburgh or Glasgow Airport.