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a circus art; the ability to toss up and catch several objects (no less than three) in a certain rhythm.

Juggling was practiced in China, Japan, and ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. During the Middle Ages, juggling acts were performed by wandering actors.

In the modern circus juggling is often tied in with acrobatics, tightrope walking, animal training, and clowning. Variations of juggling are performed on the ground (in the pit), on horseback, on ladders, or on the wire. Juggling with great weights is known as force juggling. Jugglers act solo, in twos, and in groups. Many juggling acts are dramatized. E. Rastelli, the great 20th-century juggler who performed in the Rus-sian circus, created complicated tricks and had a great influence on the development of the juggling style. Performers who have been especially successful in the modern Soviet circus include A. N. and V. N. Kiss, the Aberts, G. T. Petrovskii, N. A. Shirai, K. M. Nikol’skii, and the equestrian juggler N. L. Ol’khovnikov.

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"From there I went home and taught my older brother who picked it up instantly and my younger brother who was clumsy liked the idea but it took him six months to learn how to juggle; but when he did we saw his personality just come right out of the box."
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For instance, if you want to juggle three balls, you start with two balls in one hand, in this case the right, and one ball in the other hand.
Alan Greenspan of Northboro juggles three beanbags for a visitor and explains that juggling requires "more objects than hands."
Being able to juggle three or more balls and to juggle objects other than balls, Ryan found that "it doesn't matter if you drop or not.
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"At the circus they have funny [clowns] that juggle," said Kevin.
Joy Cahill, of Fazeley, who enjoyed samba drumming and juggling workshops with her husband and two children, aged nine and 12, said: "We all had terrific fun and can now drum in rhythm and juggle - with varying amounts of success!