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a circus art; the ability to toss up and catch several objects (no less than three) in a certain rhythm.

Juggling was practiced in China, Japan, and ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. During the Middle Ages, juggling acts were performed by wandering actors.

In the modern circus juggling is often tied in with acrobatics, tightrope walking, animal training, and clowning. Variations of juggling are performed on the ground (in the pit), on horseback, on ladders, or on the wire. Juggling with great weights is known as force juggling. Jugglers act solo, in twos, and in groups. Many juggling acts are dramatized. E. Rastelli, the great 20th-century juggler who performed in the Rus-sian circus, created complicated tricks and had a great influence on the development of the juggling style. Performers who have been especially successful in the modern Soviet circus include A. N. and V. N. Kiss, the Aberts, G. T. Petrovskii, N. A. Shirai, K. M. Nikol’skii, and the equestrian juggler N. L. Ol’khovnikov.

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HEIGHT OF SILLINESS Juggler on a unicycle and, right, a Korean comedy act
You can claim two full price adult tickets for the price of one by phoning the box office and quoting JUGGLER.
Ashton Launcherley, 27, who wanted to be the world's best juggler, suffered horrific burns shortly before the event started.
4x4: Ephemeral Architectures is directed by renowned juggler Sean Gandini, choreographed by the Royal Ballet's Ludovic Ondiviela and set to original music by Nimrod Borenstein.
MWhen it comes carving out a showbiz career, mighty atom Daniel Teplitski believes in going straight for the juggler.
Paul Binder, juggler and author, began performing with a variety of troupes, including the Pickle Family Circus.
Hocus Pocus" was also the pseudonym of a juggler in the early seventeenth century who occupied the role of the King's Juggler or, as it was known in the sixteenth century and earlier, as the "Joculatori domini Regis [the lord king's juggler]" (Butterworth, 9-11, 192).
It has long been suspected that Jack Juggler is a satire against Catholic eucharistic doctrine (which, according to Protestant opponents, claimed that Jesus could be in two places at once).
Portuguese juggler Hugo Oliveira performs at NoFit State Circus' new home on Four Elms Road, Cardiff, last night
The event was hosted by juggler Wally Eastwood -- not only one of the best jugglers, but also an excellent compere -- making the show interactive, with the audience rolling with laughter at his jokes.
LAYYAH -- Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president, Mian Nawaz Sharif, who is on a nationwide electioneering spree, Friday told a charged crowd the player (Imran Khan) and the juggler (President Asif Ali Zardari) were in fact on the same side, it was reported.
In addition to Dream State Circus and Chris Lashua, guests were wowed by a range of international street performers including Canada's own juggler Dawn Dreams who performed with her crystal ball, and Chinese pole performer Pancho Libre whose acrobatic, mind-boggling feats left guests astounded.