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Avic I and II will be reworked to produce parts and equipment for the jumbo jet program in addition to continuing their own product lines.
The jumbo jet roared past at an estimated 100 mph, the tip of one wing coming as close as 50 feet to striking the smaller plane.
Travel City Direct plans to use Boeing 747 jumbo jets to fly between Cardiff International Airport and Orlando.
And up to 10 jumbo jets will be chartered by the Edward Thompson group to deliver the epic orders to a series of republics on the continent.
Airbus Industrie, headquartered in Toulouse, France, is developing the A380 to compete against Boeing for the super jumbo jet market.
The IAEA is concerned that hijackers might crash a jumbo jet into a nuclear plant and may ask airlines to improve the design of the flight control system so that a hijacked jumbo jet cannot make a sharp plunge to earth, the official said.
A HIJACKED jumbo jet crashing into the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant would cause a disaster many times worse than Chernobyl, it was claimed today.
Every time a jumbo jet from Hong Kong lands at a Canadian airport an estimated $500,000 filters into the economy right away.
The twin-engined jet's extended-range capability enables SAA to offer non-stop flights to European cities and is cost-effective ion routes where the market does not require a large-capacity jumbo jet every two or three days, thus enabling the carrier to offer a daily service to a smaller number of passengers.
Contract Awarded for Build new new Air Force One presidential 747-8 jumbo jet
SIR Richard Branson has added to the heartfelt thanks expressed by terrified passengers to the crew of a stricken Virgin Atlantic jumbo jet that landed safely at Gatwick airport.