jumping bean

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jumping bean:

see spurgespurge
, common name for members of the Euphorbiaceae, a family of herbs, shrubs, and trees of greatly varied structure and almost cosmopolitan distribution, although most species are tropical. In the United States the family is most common in the Southeast.
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I'm a pothole jumping bean, I remember every gutter I've seen.
The Jumping Bean tablet she bought is clearly marked with a "no under-18s" symbol and says on the back "not for sale to minors".
The second half of the concert saw the musicians in great form, particularly with Eric Coates' London Calling, Haydn Wood's London Cameos Suite and Jumping Bean by Robert Farnon.
"Then the accent just fell apart and now it's like a jumping bean!" He made two albums and did a tour but the albums were never released.
That the puck was bouncing like a jumping bean and he was falling to the ground didn't deter him - a well struck shot went in the net.
Examples of possible open-ended statements are: "A time I felt like a strawberry ...", "A time I felt like a lion ...", "A time I felt like a jumping bean ....
From the jumping bean controversy, through his jousts with Malraux,(1) to his charge against Picasso,(2) Roger Caillois's attitude remained the same: a fear of the seductions of misunderstood originality, a condemnation of the fear of influence that characterized the moderns, and praise for imitation, conceived as the only true school of art.
``I didn't know what it was at the time but she later said that it was a special medicine made with the caterpillars from the jumping bean. It will give me the energy I need.''
``I didn't know what it was at the time but she later said it was a special medicine made with the caterpillars from the jumping bean.
The son of Mystiko has apparently been showing he could well be another "jumping bean" and, with an engagement in the Triumph Hurdle still pending, is likely to have his strength tested in the very near future.
This was certainly the opposite of bland, and it had my taste buds dancing like Mexican jumping beans. Luckily for me the hot pizza was served with a delicious cooling green salad.
The holiday clubs offer activities for pre-school children to teenagers with opportunities like bouncing and jumping beans, gymnastics, dance wriggle for the little ones (six months to five years), athletics, dance, gymnastics, ice skating, swimming and outdoor sports and activities with multi-adventure days out for five to 16 -year-olds.