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The product identified 70% of Mediaset's Jumpy e-mail traffic as abuse, resulting in a 95% reduction in spam.
But I've seen plenty of cows in the field, and they look pretty naturally sedentary to me, making Jumpy seem like Gregory Hines.
Sara Stewart as Hilary and Philip Wright as Mark in Theatr Clwyd production of Jumpy
Sat opposite his favourite squeaky ball, Jumpy is made to walk towards it, step by painfully slow step, sit, reverse, scratch his ears, look confused, turn left and right, then place his paw and his nose on the ball without moving for 30 seconds as his owner counts to three: "one, two, two-and-ahalf, eight, fifty" and so on.
99) tells how to project the image of a funny librarian, a friend who is jumpy as a rubber band, and more, using everything from marbles to balloons.
It's a weird thing to have to deal with, not on a day-to-day basis, but it has happened enough to make me quite jumpy.
Jumpy Jack and Googily are both plush toys that lie on their respective beds.
But then he got jumpy and on Tuesday had to have a secret meeting with his own party to hose down all his right-wing MPs who got wound up by this "apology".
The breath taking "Say It All" sets heartbreak to a jumpy beat, while the angry chords of "Happy Birthday Girl" portray longing in cataclysmic terms.
Just as he was about to kiss me, a scary part of the movie made me jumpy.
Their jumpy, slap-you-in-the-face pop songs are raising their profile across the land.
There are plenty of jumpy moments, spooky sound effects, slamming doors a And swirling fog.