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The power conversion efficiency of the rectifier mainly depends on the following: (i) series resistance of the diode ([R.sub.s]), which determines the efficiency of the rectifier; (ii) zero-bias junction capacitance ([C.sub.j0]) which affects the oscillation of harmonic currents through the diode; (iii) diode breakdown voltage, ([]), which limits the power-handling capability of the diode; (iv) switching speed of the diode which should be fast so that it can follow a high frequency signal; (v) and low threshold voltage so that it can operate at low RF input power [12].
The detector circuitry utilizes high performance GaAs Schottky Barrier Beam lead diodes with very low junction capacitance. These detector designs perform with minimal sensitivity variation resulting in a flat frequency response across the entire waveguide band.
Lee, "Effect of junction capacitance on the rise time of LED's and the turn on delay of injection lasers", Bell Syst.
where IS is the saturation current; RS is the ohmic resistance; BV is the reverse breakdown; IBV is the current at BV; CJO is the zero-bias junction capacitance; M is the junction capacitance grading exponent; N is the emission coefficient.
Similarly, in the off-state diode the junction capacitance dominates, and a capacitance [] can model this impedance.
Fully compatible with digital transmission standards such as ADSL2 and ADSL2+, the SMP80MC family of micro-capacitance transient surge arrestors is the first TRISIL series for which the junction capacitance does not depend on the device breakdown voltage.
While you can achieve the same thing more economically by putting multiple transistors in parallel, you would have a hard time achieving as low of junction capacitance. The devices have a unity current gain frequency (the frequency that a piece of wire would do as well) of 40MHz.
The generation of sub-nanosecond pulses is mainly governed by the snap/transition time and junction capacitance of an SRD.