junior high school

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junior high school:

see schoolschool,
term commonly referring to institutions of pre-college formal education. It also properly includes colleges, universities, and many types of special training establishments (see adult education; colleges and universities; community college; vocational education).
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Participants were first observed in the seventh grade - during junior high school - and then again after six months, and then annually through the 12th grade, during high school.
School officials said the junior high school students will also have access to extracurricular activities only available in the building housing the high school.
The report showed that those primary and junior high school students attended cram schools for nine days a month on average.
In short, responses to my survey instrument revealed that Japanese junior high school teachers spend a lot of time in their teachers' rooms doing what I had remembered them as doing--or, at least, they admitted doing what I had remembered.
In mid July, Americans United for Separation of Church and State sent a letter to school officials in Anna urging them to take down three portraits of Jesus from the main hallway of the Anna Junior High School.
* 93% of parents of junior high school students and 91% of parents of high school students believe it is very or some-what important to have sexuality education as part of the school curriculum.
Alexander Moran, winner of the MTNA Student Composition Competition, junior high school level, sponsored by Warner Bros.
Furthermore, Dunn, Bauer, Gemake, Gregory, Primavera, and Signer (1994-1995) reported that handicapped junior high school and high school students had significantly higher achievement in mathematics when taught through their most preferred modality.
A mother had her efforts to remove 'Athletic Shorts: Six Stories' by Chris Crutcher from the library of Gregory-Portland Junior High School, Texas, USA dashed when the school board voted by a 3-2 majority to keep the book.
Jou Min Lin submitted his Min Ho Elementary School and Min Ho Junior High School as one project, because they are only a few minutes apart and have much in common in their construction.
CENTRAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL IS A typical troubled school in the down-on-its-luck working-class town of Zion, Ill.
About 48% of second-year junior high school students know there are sexually explicit sites on the Internet and 10% have actually seen them, according to a survey by a Japanese parents and teachers association released Friday.