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a sailing vessel used in Chinese waters and characterized by a very high poop, flat bottom, and square sails supported by battens



a wooden cargo sailboat with two to four masts, used for navigating the rivers and seacoasts of Southeast Asia. During the era of sailing ships, junks were used for military purposes; today they are used for transporting cargo, frequently also serving as dwellings. Junks have a shallow draft and a cargo capacity of up to 600 tons. Other characteristics include a very broad, almost rectangular, upraised prow and stern and quadrangular sails made of mats and bamboo poles.

What does it mean when you dream about junk?

Junk symbolizes things that need to be let go of and discarded. In a dream, junk can also indicate rejected parts of the self that need to be reappropriated.

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Could a few days of junk food or even a single fast food meal make a difference in your overall health?
The company helps both their customers by easily taking away their unwanted junk, and the environment, taking care to recycle or donate items wherever possible.
If junk food and fizzy drinks are heavily taxed in Oman, it will encourage people to go for healthy choices and prevent dangerous diseases.
28 April 2017 - US-based junk removal service 1-800-Got-Junk has acquired San Francisco, California Bay Area-based junk removal firm Delete, the company said.
A junk removal service will come along and clean up your home or office instantly, all you need to do is to find out the best junk removal company.
Kashif Ali Channar has said that due to salty, saucy and greasy junk food and soft drinks tooth decay was on the rise among kids across the country especially in the posh localities.
5% adolescents consumed junk food twice or more per week and from which middle aged adolescent was in higher percentage.
It takes 17 trees and 7,000 gallons of water to produce a tonne of junk mail.
The party launched a policy consultation in a bid to tackle unwanted junk mail, which it said harmed the environment and was a "nuisance" for many older people.
Scientists have said that over 300,000 of junk are currently orbiting space.
In a survey of 738 families bringing a child four months to 16 years old into a pediatric clinic at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston, junk food was observed in 21% of the visits.
FAISALABAD -- The teams of environment department have sealed two junk yards besides lodging FIRs against 3 others on violating instructions issued to control dengue epidemic in the district.