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a sailing vessel used in Chinese waters and characterized by a very high poop, flat bottom, and square sails supported by battens



a wooden cargo sailboat with two to four masts, used for navigating the rivers and seacoasts of Southeast Asia. During the era of sailing ships, junks were used for military purposes; today they are used for transporting cargo, frequently also serving as dwellings. Junks have a shallow draft and a cargo capacity of up to 600 tons. Other characteristics include a very broad, almost rectangular, upraised prow and stern and quadrangular sails made of mats and bamboo poles.

What does it mean when you dream about junk?

Junk symbolizes things that need to be let go of and discarded. In a dream, junk can also indicate rejected parts of the self that need to be reappropriated.

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But Prospect Genius's efforts on behalf of Eco Hauling & Junk Removal go far beyond just mobile site creation.
Out of majority of the patients visit his clinic daily, two to three kids were victims of junk food and soft drinks.
Excessive nuisance junk mail can also be particularly distressing for many older and vulnerable people.
Getting rid of the junk listening and speaking habits
Scientists have said that over 300,000 of junk are currently orbiting space.
He told that the enforcement inspectors Siddique Rana, Mazhar Fareed, Muhammad Afzal and Moaz Maroof alongwith their teams visited 22 junk yards, 8 tyre shops, 5 union council buildings and 3 nurseries here on Saturday and issued directions to 9 junk yards owners and 6 shopkeepers to maintain sanitary condition up to the marks to avert the dengue epidemic.
This research from the University of Adelaide found that a junk food diet during pregnancy and lactation desensitized the normal reward system fueled by these highly palatable foods.
Dethcev, who has lost almost 6kg since he realised he was addicted to junk food and took action, said: "I used to eat unhealthy too, until I realised that I was actually addicted to eating such food.
THE JUNK is being taken out of school education across the country.
At each of these addresses I have received excessive amounts of junk mail from this company.
Junk In The Trunk Clothing also provides fashion conscious customers with a place to retire their gently used clothing in exchange for store credit.