justice of the peace

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justice of the peace,

official presiding over a type of police courtpolice court,
court with jurisdiction limited to minor offenses, chiefly the least grave misdemeanors and breaches of municipal ordinances. In practice the trial is usually held before a judge sitting without a jury.
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. In some states of the United States the justices, who are usually elected, have jurisdiction over petty civil and criminal cases as well as having such duties as the issuing of search warrants and the performance of marriage services. The justice of the peace was formerly of greater importance than he is at present. The establishment of the office throughout England in 1360 represented a further extension of royal authority to local government, especially to rural areas. The justices, selected from the gentry, enjoyed extensive administrative and police authority, and they had judicial power over most crimes. The office was established also in the American colonies, but by the latter part of the 19th cent. it had been relegated to a much less central role, especially in administrative areas, in both England and the United States.

justice of the peace

1. (in Britain) a lay magistrate, appointed by the crown or acting ex officio, whose function is to preserve the peace in his area, try summarily such cases as are within his jurisdiction, and perform miscellaneous administrative duties
2. (in Australia and New Zealand) a person authorised to administer oaths, attest instruments, and take declarations
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Joseph Keble, author of the influential 1689 Justice of the Peace Manual, reiterated this prohibition on "Dag[ge]s and Pistols," instructing peace officers to arrest any who traveled armed with these types of weapons.
Presently, Australia , Canada , Hong Kong, South Africa ,India, Belgium, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Singapore, USA operate Justice of the Peace system and powers of the Justice of Peace vary from country to country.
Although a justice of the peace had wide discretion in setting the
In one very interesting example, Justice of the Peace John Sully arrested a whore "Having my Selfe taken my sunn in Bed with her.
while Stanghetta is now a justice of the peace for Blind River and the surrounding North Shore communities" Phil and I have been at it for 12 years, at one point we got paid for all of four months of those 12 years.
She worked with great determination to see Survival in our own land published--it took nearly four years and the help of South Australia's first Aboriginal Justice of the Peace, Ken Hampton.
While following this order, Madison prevented Federalist William Marbury from becoming a justice of the peace.
The title Justice of the Peace dates from 1361, in the reign of Edward III.
Harman has become the favorite authority of historians and literary critics; a justice of the peace, retired, from Kent, he tells us of the records he kept of wayward beggars and vagabonds stopping at his door and moves from what appear to be the noted details of a sociologist into anecdotes and tales later taken up by the cony-catching works of Robert Greene and the pamphlets of Thomas Dekker.
He traces lynching to some of its earliest manifestations during the Revolutionary War and to Virginia justice of the peace Charles Lynch, for whom the practice was later named.
We were married in the town hall by a justice of the peace at 11:30 p.
The late Michael Morris, who was a justice of the peace in town, turned to Chalice in the last stages of his cancer in 1996, saying the music "made a place for me to accept my death.

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