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Latin name for potassiumpotassium
, a metallic chemical element; symbol K [Lat. kalium=alkali]; at. no. 19; at. wt. 39.0983; m.p. 63.25°C;; b.p. 760°C;; sp. gr. .862 at 20°C;; valence +1.

Potassium is a soft, silver-white metal.
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Answers: Iron (Ferrum) = Fe; Sodium (Natrium) = Na; Potassium (Kalium) = K
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Es correcto aplicar los elementos compositivos prefijos al nombre en espanol del elemento quimico potasio o a la adaptacion de la raiz kalium, latinizacion del arabe al-qali (las cenizas), que esta presente en el simbolo internacional del potasio: [K.sup.+].
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N, N'-methylenebisacrylamide (NMBA) as a crosslinking agent and kalium persulfate (KPS) as an initiator were supplied by Sinopharm Chemical Reagent (Shanghai, China).
But K, the symbol for potassium, is derived from the word kalium. The symbol P is reserved for phosphorus, Na (natirum) stands for sodium, and Fe (ferrum) for iron (see Table 6-1).