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A probable pre-Glossopteris microfloral assemblages from Lower Karroo sediments: South African Journal of Science, 59: 135-146.
139] FABALES Fabaceae Acacia karroo Hayne [120] Albizia julibrissin Durazz.
The year I started high school, my father joined the railway police and we moved down to De Aar in the middle of the Karroo.
not far distant when the Karroo will be studded with windmills.
In Boyhood, he vividly evokes a youth that, with the exception of visits to the family farm in the arid Karroo, was life after the Fall: ugly, uncertain, and shameful.
The South African road through the great Karroo, that "awesome Landscape of nothing" in which Fugard was born, became an insistent motif in his work as early as 1961 with The Blood Knot.
Soon after, Butler founded The Midland News and Karroo Farmer which he edited from 1897-1923.
IN 1925, Sauer, a Doberman trained by Detective Sergeant Herbert Kruger, tracked a stock thief 100 miles across the Great Karroo, South Africa, by scent alone.
Further base metal discoveries under the Karroo sequence are possible as well as further diamond opportunities.
The concrete headgear of Prieska Copper Mines' Hutchings shaft, topped with its oddly incongruous galvanized steel box, which housed the Koepe winder, is visible from tens of kilometers and dominates the barren flatness of the northern Karroo.
Thus Sally learned to fill the long, hot Karroo hours with reading.