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(computer science)
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(thousand bits). For technical specifications, it refers to 1,024 bits. In general usage, it typically refers to an even one thousand bits (see kilo). Also Kb, Kbit and K-bit. See space/time.
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When this technology is applied to the second generation Digital Annealer, it is expected to be capable of handling problems up to 100 Kbits in size.
In the first model (see Table 4), given that PWRT and KBIT (vocabulary subtest) consistently correlated with PROLEC-C, these variables were selected as the most likely predictors of the PROLEC-C reading comprehension measures.
The study indicated a positive correlation of .96 between academic improvement and the KBIT ability scores.
"SST's 27 series MTP SuperFlash products, now offered in densities ranging from 256 Kbit to 2 Mbit, provide extra insurance and flexibility to the customer in case a program or code fix is required during manufacturing," said Kumar Prabhat, marketing manager at SST.
Microchip Technology (Nasdaq: MCHP) has announced an industry first by offering a 512 Kbit I2C serial EEPROM that fits into a standard 8-lead SOIC (.208) package.
The M50FW040 is a 4 Mbit Flash memory, organized as eight uniform 64 Kbit blocks, that performs the Firmware Hub (FWH) function, storing the system and video BIOS code and interfacing with other Hub Architecture devices via the Firmware Hub high speed interface protocol.
SST's SPI (serial peripheral interface) serial flash family will initially consist of three products: the SST45VF512, a 512 Kbit device, the SST45VF010, a 1 Mbit device, and the SST45VF020, a 2 Mbit device.