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(KiloBits or KiloBytes per SECond) One thousand bits or bytes per second. Kbps is a measurement of peripheral data transfer or network transmission speed. The correct abbreviation is "b" for bits and "B" for bytes; however, "b" and "B" are often interchanged. See space/time, Mbps and Gbps.

Lower Case "b" - Kbps, Kb/sec, Kb/s
Kilobits per second is used to rate serial data transmission devices such as analog modems.

Upper Case "B" - KB/sec, KB/s
Kilobytes per second is used to rate parallel data transfers such as from memory to disk in earlier computers.
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The client who is subscribed to Plan 6999 who pays a base fee of P6,999 a month and Plan 1299 holder are both guaranteed only 256 kbps. That's like buying cars of different models at different prices and ending up with the same engine power.
where [S.sub.0] is -91 without FEC and -97 with FEC, [R.sub.0] is 50 kbps, and R is the bit rate in kbps.
Environment, including formative and summative assessments: 100 Kbps per student/teacher (minimum)
With Windows Media, since Elemental couldn't produce the 640x360x29.97 file at 240 Kbps, I compared 540 Kbps files, where the enterprise encoder was clearly superior.
It is worth noting that class 4 gets 3.5 Kbps but it has made a request for 20 Kbps.
The list is topped by South Korea (2,202 KBps), followed by Bulgaria's neighbor, Romania (1, 909 Kbps).
Video clip was streamed using 15 fps H.264/AVC encoding at three different average video stream bitrates: 64, 128 and 192 kbps, and two resolutions: CIF and QCIF, set as codec's parameters.
The average total annual cost for the 1024 Kbps residential ADSL service in the Arab region stands at US$ 736.
The Nova 1000 service provides download speeds of up to 1 Mbps and upload speeds of 200 Kbps and the Nova 1500 service provides download speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps and upload speeds of 256 Kbps.
The Federal Communications Commission has drastically increased the minimum upload and download speeds it considers worthy of the word "broadband." Now, 4 Mbps up and 1 down are the bare minimums; before, they stood at an anemic 200 Kbps for both uploading and downloading.
ThurayaIP is a cost-effective and advanced broadband solution that has a compact A-5 size and transmission speed of 444 Kbps, according to the company officials.