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Architecture the main tower within the walls of a medieval castle or fortress


Inner tower of a castle.

keep, donjon

The stronghold of a medieval castle, usually in the form of a massive tower, and a place of residence, esp. in times of siege.
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Although the smoke is much reduced, our on-going precautionary advice to residents in locations affected by smoke is to avoid outside areas affected by smoke, or limit the time spent outside and keep house windows and doors closed.
Officers are also urging residents to keep house alarms on to deter burglars.
Don't leave them visible near the front door, remove them from your vehicle even when away momentarily - and keep house doors and windows locked.
Keep house plants on the dry side as the days get shorter - over watering is one of the most common ways to kill off an indoor plant.
WHEN inviting a stranger into your home to see an item, ensure there is someone else with you and keep house and car keys and other valuables out of sight.
Scott told MSPs to keep house profits made using Holyrood allowances.
Then there's ex-squaddie John, who says: 'I pay my wife Tania a pounds 300 weekly wage to keep house.
He was there to keep house, to tend the children while his wife worked late for Motown Records.
They should also keep house keys and car keys in a secure place.
Thanks to the insanity of the cost of houses, interest rate rises are now causing problems; other measures are now needed to keep house inflation under control.