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Architecture the main tower within the walls of a medieval castle or fortress


Inner tower of a castle.

keep, donjon

The stronghold of a medieval castle, usually in the form of a massive tower, and a place of residence, esp. in times of siege.
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3 KEEP house plants away from windows in the winter to prevent cold damage.
If, like me, you're an inept housewife then work at what you do best, hire someone else to keep house and value them above rubies.
A former work colleague of mine used to keep house for Steve when he was based in Newmarket and she could never speak too highly of him.
The Long Walk Home has her portraying a woman who must leave her own children behind to keep house for a white family.
At 22 she settled down to raise her family and keep house, and I never saw the faintest sign, later in her life, that she regretted not having enjoyed the single life more.
One must keep reminding oneself that writer Vera Blasi is from Brazil, a land where a disproportionate number of blacks keep house for the lighter-skinned upper class and where drag queens come out once a year like Carnaval Santa Clauses.
The white paper also suggested that the creation of a society in which men and women can work and keep house at the same time might prevent the birthrate from dwindling.
'If the number of people looking to sell does not increase, then the relative shortage of properties could help to keep house prices buoyant,' said Barclays' senior product manager, Mr Simon Musselle.
Anna Giza-Poleszczuk, a mother of two in Poland says: "At the moment, this country is hell for women." She blames the return to power of the Roman Catholic Church for bringing back a male-dominated society in which men work and women stay home, keep house, and raise children.
And what's the betting Penny did a lot more than just keep house for Cilla - stuff that her sons would never be able to do for her?
"Although the smoke is much reduced, our on-going precautionary advice to residents in locations affected by smoke is to avoid outside areas affected by smoke, or limit the time spent outside and keep house windows and doors closed."
Officers are also urging residents to keep house alarms on to deter burglars.