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1. (of wine, etc.) having a relatively high sugar content; not dry
2. free from unpleasant odours
3. containing no corrosive substances
4. (of petrol) containing no sulphur compounds
5. Jazz performed with a regular beat, with the emphasis on clearly outlined melody and little improvisation


Henry. 1845--1912, English philologist; a pioneer of modern phonetics. His books include A History of English Sounds (1874)
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A group of items. Pronounced "sweet." See application suite.
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In mid-June, practically in the 11th hour, they came to a settlement agreement to keep Sweet Briar open for one more year.
"To keep sweet onions unblemished and in the best shape possible, they should be rotated frequently, handled with care and never stacked too high," he advises.
Most folks know that it is important to keep sweet corn patches away from field corn patches to avoid having ears that contain both sweet kernels and starchy kernels--the reason is all about pollen travel.
LINPAC Packaging, Europe's leading multi-material packaging manufacturer, has developed a new range of bakery containers in partnership with its customers to keep sweet treats spongier and fresher for longer.
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