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Architecture the main tower within the walls of a medieval castle or fortress


Inner tower of a castle.

keep, donjon

The stronghold of a medieval castle, usually in the form of a massive tower, and a place of residence, esp. in times of siege.
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Representatives of the pest control industry say anticoagulant poisons are an effective means of keeping down the rat population, which represents a major health threat to humans, and they express skepticism that the mountain lions could have died from this cause.
You have demonstrated your dedication to servicing mortgages efficiently and to keeping down the costs of home ownership.
It will make a major contribution to keeping down council taxes until the late 2020s.
Scots are telling the shortest jokes - keeping down the cost of their 50p-a-minute calls to the 0891 55 77 55 number.
We needed a company to come in and work with us as a partner to standardize our systems from the top-down, while at the same time keeping down costs and providing top-of-the-line customer service.
Hindering progress: a resolution to the conflict in Iraq, more stringent cost controls for workers' compensation insurance and keeping down college tuition.
1977: Spring blooms from Crete and America were keeping down prices for Mother's Day.
How Managed Security Services can optimize internal resources and existing IT investments while keeping down the costs