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Architecture the main tower within the walls of a medieval castle or fortress
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Inner tower of a castle.
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keep, donjon

The stronghold of a medieval castle, usually in the form of a massive tower, and a place of residence, esp. in times of siege.
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Symonds-Madison Funeral Home also will be taking orders for keepsake memorial ornaments which feature photos of loved ones who have passed away.
in the business of designing and manufacturing metal jewelry, ornaments, keepsakes and accessories for close to four decades.
Preethy, who could not create a piece for herself is now working on a way to keep the tooth of her seven year old son Kanav in a keepsake and says if she succeeds, she will work on the idea for her next line of jewellery.
Interest is also growing in other "keepsake jewellery" designed to hold a small portion of a person's cremated remains or a lock of their hair.
Two of the books are intended for pregnant women, and two books are designed as keepsake momentos to record the bay's first year of life.
Smallprint, a silver keepsake company, takes gifting to a whole new level with a very personalised and customised, made-to-order, hand-crafted silver keepsake that helps cherish a moment in time of your loved one.
The mum-of-two from Bristol said: "For many the jewellery is a lovely keepsake. This is especially significant for parents who have lost children, and I do offer pro bono pieces."
The charity provide keepsake memory boxes for grieving parents.
Published by Pinter & Martin, PS6.99, Storksak Organics Baby Spa PRESENTED in a reusable keepsake box, this gift set features a collection of natural, organic bath and skincare products to pamper baby with, and includes baby wash and shampoo, baby lotion, baby balm, baby oil and organic cotton hand and face wipes.
London-based Woodworker David Linley ingeniously captures the timelessness of a fond memory in his new limited-edition collection of keepsake boxes.
Sherri McConnell's A QUILTING LIFE: CREATING A HANDMADE HOME 19 PROJECTS (9781607056591, $24.95) teaches the basics of using modern fabrics to make pillows, table runners and larger quilts, and offers ideas for designs that make for gifts and keepsake heirlooms alike.