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1. (of wine, etc.) having a relatively high sugar content; not dry
2. free from unpleasant odours
3. containing no corrosive substances
4. (of petrol) containing no sulphur compounds
5. Jazz performed with a regular beat, with the emphasis on clearly outlined melody and little improvisation


Henry. 1845--1912, English philologist; a pioneer of modern phonetics. His books include A History of English Sounds (1874)
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A group of items. Pronounced "sweet." See application suite.
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Henchmen were kept sweet with lucrative franchises in the operation, which detectives believe netted more than pounds 1million in nine months.
That's hardly the case when pounds 12m Tore Andre Flo and superstar Claudio Caniggia both have to be kept sweet.
There was, indeed, a Berlin-based radio transmitter, Radio Caledonia, broadcasting Nazi propaganda in Scottish nationalist guise, which lasted from 1940 to 1942, but, more importantly, Scotland had become the reception area for Second Front munitions and a transfer point for Russian supplies, and had to be kept sweet. Nationalism was effectively appeased by the promise of socialist reconstruction, exemplified by Johnston's creation in 1943 of Scotland's equivalent of Roosevelt's Tennessee Valley Authority, the Hydro Board, to bring electricity to the Highlands.
Even the bank managers have been kept sweet. The Armageddon line has been flogged to death but instead of going down the tubes, many clubs have cleared the decks.