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A stone forming a curb or part of a curb.
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According to experts, this will help reduce the reliance on the traditional kerbstones of cement; which is considered the second most polluting industry emitting carbon dioxide.
Made from environment-friendly material that is fully recyclable and cost-effective in power consumption, the material will reduce the reliance on the traditional kerbstones of cement, considered the second most polluting industry emitting carbon dioxide.
The project, constructed by the Capital of Construction for General Contracting Company, started in October last year and the concrete kerbstones were replaced with illuminated and environment-friendly kerbstones in the same shape and dimension but with different colours.
15 February 2010 - Fitch lowered Monday to B-(ind) from B(ind) the national long-term rating of Indian iron ore, barytes and kerbstone trader Trimex Minerals Private Ltd.
Coleshill-based Durakerb, whose eco-friendly lightweight composite kerbstone products are manufactured from a blend of recycled polymers, has seen rapid growth and is emerging as a market leader in the field.
Unique Factories has introduced to Bahrain its wet mix kerbstone press that it assembles in Sharjah.
A SHOPPER who tripped over a kerbstone is suing a council for pounds 25,000.
The four other prize winners included in the exhibition are The Greater Light, by Biggs & Collings; M is many, by Ian Law; Gallery, by Stephen Nicholas; and Untitled Kerbstone Painting (MJK) by Narbi Price, while a special judges' commendation was given to Wayne Clough for his work, Down the Acapulco.
It is like hitting a kerbstone and you know what damage that can do to your suspension and tracking.
Half a mile in, Joe hits a raggedy bit of kerbstone and traps his man-bits betwixt surf shorts and cross bar.
Thieves have stolen Joy Division singer Ian Curtis's memorial kerbstone, police said yesterday.
THIS policewoman in Norfolk, who's claiming compensation from a garage to which she was called out and where she tripped over a kerbstone injuring her wrist and leg, diddums, isn't doing her colleagues any favours.