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any of several small falcons, esp the European Falco tinnunculus, that tend to hover against the wind and feed on small mammals on the ground



(Cerchneis tinnunculus), a bird of prey of the family Falconidae. The body is 31–38 cm long and weighs 160–240 g. The females are larger than the males. The back and tail of the female are reddish yellow with dark transverse stripes; the males have dark speckles above and a gray tail with a dark tip.

The kestrel is found in Europe, Asia (except the Far North), and Africa. It inhabits all zones except the tundra, living both in mountains and on the plains. In the Pamir Mountains the bird has been observed at elevations reaching 4,000 m. In the northern part of its range, the kestrel is a migratory bird. It nests in trees, using the old nests of other birds, on rocky cliffs, and in abandoned buildings. A clutch contains four or five eggs, which are incubated by both parents for 28 days. The birds leave the nest within a month. Kestrels feed on small rodents, insects, lizards, and small birds. They are useful in exterminating rodents.

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There are about 10 subspecies of Eurasian kestrels, seen in different regions.
Some kestrels also found that there was a living to be made in the man-made environment, snatching wee birds like sparrows from parks and gardens.
If the kestrel bewitches us with its magnificent hovering - it is often known as the "wind hover" - the hawk's approach is perhaps more dynamic, reliant on cunning, stealth and bursts of sheer speed.
Bryn Kerr, commercial director of Kestrel Liner Agencies, said: "We are excited to represent CargoGulf in the UK.
Although the bird is never physically seen it is another star because the actors' reactions reveal the depth of solace the younger Billy finds in his bond with the wild kestrel.
He agonises over his earlier life and the fate of his loyal bird of prey which, while never physically seen, is another star - as the actors' reactions reveal the depth of solace the younger Billy finds in his bond with the wild kestrel.
The common kestrel adapts to human settlement, as long as sufficient swathes of vegetation are available.
I didn't actually do that but it did concern me for some time after and I hope that whatever the bird had seen had legged it, so the kestrel could hunt somewhere safer.
In addition to Internet delivered Centerpoint RTX corrections, the Kestrel system now supports L-band satellite delivered RTX corrections.
The agreement was to acquire 80% ownership of Kestrel.
Kestrel said the two companies have worked together frequently in the past and hold similar values and philosophies on providing services and developing relationships.
11 July 2018 - Denmark-based freight forwarding and logistics services provider Scan Global Logistics has acquired Australian-based freight forwarder Kestrel Freight and Customs Pty Ltd., providing Scan Global Logistics Pty.