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in music, percussion instrument consisting of a hemispherical metal vessel over which a membrane is stretched, played with soft-headed wooden drumsticks. Of ancient origin, it appeared early in Europe, probably imported from the Middle East by crusaders in the 12th or 13th cent. These early kettledrums were small and appeared in pairs, often hung about the player's waist. The kettledrum was introduced into the opera orchestra by Lully in the 17th cent. and was commonly used to express joy or triumph in the music of the baroque period. Unique among Western percussion instruments, it can be tuned to definite pitches by adjusting the tension of the head. Usually there are two or more in the modern orchestra, the tuning of which varies. Berlioz used eight pairs in his Requiem. Several improved methods of tuning were developed in the 19th cent.; common today is a single pedal capable of giving the instrument a full chromatic range of over an octave. Kettledrums are also called timpani. See drumdrum,
in music, percussion instrument, known in various forms and played throughout the world and throughout history. Essentially a drum is a frame over which one or more membranes or skins are stretched.
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a percussion musical instrument of ancient origin; used in orchestras since the 17th century. The cauldron-shaped body of the kettledrum (made of copper, brass, or aluminum) is covered by a leather membrane. The pitch of the instrument is regulated by the degree of tension of the membrane (with screws) or by a pedal mechanism. There is a resonator opening in the center of the bottom of the body. The sound of the kettledrum, resonant and booming, is produced by two drumsticks. Two to five (or more) kettledrums tuned to different pitches are used in present-day orchestras.


a percussion instrument of definite pitch, consisting of a hollow bowl-like hemisphere covered with a skin or membrane, supported on a tripod or stand. The pitch may be adjusted by means of screws or pedals, which alter the tension of the skin
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The peak of his short career was the 1861 Derby, which he won on Kettledrum, and that year he also came second in the Oaks on Lady Ripon.
Victor de Pontigny, "On Kettledrums," Proceedings of the Musical Association, 2d Sess.
Like spring itself, this is perhaps, a book of gentle whispers, far more the piccolo than the kettledrum.
I stepped out of the street leading to the fortress, as if stepping out of the night (I could hear the muffled beats of the kettledrum again; up there I had not), among the people who were waiting, protected by the sun and separated by the bridge from that path into nothing.
Once flowering has finished, each head gradually turns in to the kettledrum seed head and as they are so promiscuous, self-sown seedlings will arrive by the hundred but are easily hoed off.
Playing the kettledrum and conducting his small group of musicians as they play "New Arrival," Puente, with his shock of white hair and his facial expressions evoking the wondrous innocence of Harpo Marx, performs with humor and elegance.
The revel of Claudius, occurring only two months after his brother's death, is described by Hamlet as profligate: "[A]s he drains his draughts of Rhenish down, / The kettledrum and trumpet thus bray out / The triumph of his pledge" (1.
Where Swan Lake is a lone voice floating in darkness, Sleeping Beauty begins in discourse: the ripping cry and kettledrum rumble of the furious fairy Carabosse is answered and subdued by the calm breeze and harp glissandos of the Lilac Fairy.
The instruments used were bass drum, kettledrum, cymbals, triangle - from which developed a number of small bells whose appellation was "jingling Johnnie," the predecessor of the glockenspiel.
SITTING on the promenade Looking out to sea The sun is falling from the sky Miles away from me The sound of music As the sea laps the shore The last rays of sunlight Now fading away Into the night at the end of the day Gone the red glow reflected off the clouds The moon now full hangs in the sky A silvery orb lighting up the night Moonbeams sparkle on the incoming tide Skipping and dancing to the movement of the sea Like a Prima Ballerina Pirouetting across the stage The waves now closer crash against the shore Gone the music of a gentle sea Like a kettledrum as it hits the wall No longer the soft serenade that I did see When first the sunset greeted me Time to leave the promenade Head for home in the fading light Leaving this turbulent sea To caress the night.
A Acow B Asow C Aewe D Amare A Harp B Flute C Kettledrum D Violin A Parma B Padua C Modena D Pescara All puzzles in this supplement are supplied by Sirius Media Services.