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keystone, key block

keystone, 1: K
1. The central voussoir of an arch, which is often embellished; until the keystone is in place, no true arch action takes
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The horizontal stress was relatively lower at the arch abutment of the main key block in the step pressure-arch structure, the main key block was easier to slide under the nonlinear distributed boundary stress, and a step structure was formed by the sliding block and the rear blocks.
The color features are extracted from each facial key block. A color gamut (see Figure 5) with six-facial-color centroids are applied for color feature extraction, where 6 color values are extracted from each facial key block.
The deformation and movement of rock strata within a large structure, including the rotation subsidence of the main roof key block, inevitably affected the stability of the small structure.
A key block is thrown on the backside defensive end (by a fullback, slot back, or tight end) so that the DE cannot run the ball carrier down from behind.
Mbemba put in a solid shift against Swansea and made a key block early in the second half to deny Andre Ayew.
6 ASHLEY WILLIAMS (CAPT) Won't be happy with the way his side defended but did his job by and large, making key block on King that really should have helped Swansea see game out.
The sophomore from West Linn had a key block on Bralon Addison's 8-yard touchdown run in the second quarter that gave Oregon a 13-0 lead.
Rookie running back Fozzy Whittaker caught a pass in the flat from Newton, reversed fields and got a key block from Kelvin Benjamin to spring him for a 39-yard touchdown.
Alongside Poppy's friendship with Zoe, the key block of the film involves her attempt to learn to drive with instructor Scott.
The athletes, for a day at least, are true stars and not dependent on a key block, a competent point guard or a fine pitching staff.
Swept up a lot of danger and made one key block. Little chance to push on.
Mundt also had a key block on Dwyane Stanford's 35-yard touchdown reception.