key pattern

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1. An ornament, sometimes painted, incised, or raised and formed of short fillets, bands, or reglets variously combined, frequently consisting of continuous lines arranged in rectangular forms; a meander; a Greek key.
2. Similar ornamentation in which the fillets intersect at oblique angles, as often in Oriental designs.

labyrinth fret, key pattern, meander

labyrinth fret
A fret with many involved turnings.
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A bowl with Greek key patterns may look traditional, but its robin's egg blue with gold accents makes it look current.
In the fourth article, 'Tweeting to Save the Furniture', Axel Bruns explores the key patterns in how politicians and their parties campaigned on Twitter during the 2013 Australian federal election campaign, and in how the public responded to and engaged with these campaigns.
Monsoon rain in Asia, seasonal variation around the Equator, winter rain in the Mediterranean climates and other key patterns are some of the most important phenomena that become apparent in the monthly map series.
Therefore, pragmatic maneuvers are likely to become the key patterns of the Turkish-American alliance.
Veteran guide and tournament competitor Jason Muche notes several key patterns develop on Wisconsin's share of Green Bay, and in the state's legendary Lake Winnebago system.
* Visuals of Greek Amphora, key patterns and mythology
In this study I aim to track key patterns of how politicians switched their partisan affiliation during the critical periods of party system change.
Damsels and small Hare's Ear have been key patterns, along with Hoppers.
Greek key patterns evolve into Egyptian styles succeeded by flowing Asian motifs, reflecting the geographic and cultural journey of Alexander of Macedon.
Lifetime Brands continued its strategy of coordinating designs across several categories in key patterns; expanded its Brewm asters program that caters to beer aficionados; introduced a collection called Excellence Everyday, a bridal program designed to make crystal choices easy and affordable (sets of six stemware or barware items retail for $39.99); and launched several accessory pieces and patterns to enhance popular long-standing patterns in its Countryside franchises.