key telephone system

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key telephone system

[′kē ′tel·ə‚fōn ‚sis·təm]
A telephone system consisting of phones with several keys, connecting cables, and relay switching apparatus, which does not need a special operator to handle incoming or outgoing calls and which generally permits users to select one of several possible lines and to hold calls.
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key system

An in-house digital telephone system that connects to a number of dedicated system phones. The major difference between a traditional key system and a PBX is that each key system telephone has buttons for outside lines that are dialed directly without having to "dial 9." However, today's key systems are actually hybrids that handle both dialing methods. In addition, they support analog landlines and voice over IP (VoIP) in the same unit.

A Small Key System
Installed in the mid-1990s, this Panasonic DBS key system handled six system phones and four outside lines. It was replaced in 2013 with a system half its size in order to support VoIP lines. Music-on-hold was one of the major reasons for installing the system in the first place.
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Key telephone systems cannot accommodate voice mail directly, although it is possible to connect some key systems to an outside provider of voice mail services.
Reception was designed for dealers who sell small key telephone systems and are looking for a voice mail product that fits the needs of smaller organizations.
Shipments of private branch exchange systems flattened out in the last half of 1999, the report says, while shipments of key telephone systems saw a 0.4% decline in the same period.
(Nasdaq:VTEK), Scottsdale, Ariz., has introduced toll-quality Voice Over IP (VoIP) capability for users of its STARPLUS(R) Triad and infinite(R) digital key telephone systems.
A nonproprietary, entry-level solution designed to streamline business communications, MiniVoice provides business users of Vodavi's STARPLUS, STARPLUS TRIAD and Infinite DVXPlus key telephone systems with a low-cost, analog voice mail system with auto attendant features and message storage.
has produced toll-quality voice over IP (VoIP) capability for users of its STARPLUS Triad and infinite digital key telephone systems. DiscoveryIP, an Internet telephony gateway, supports voice/fax applications over the Internet or an intranet.
The unit enhances the value of a company's communications infrastructure by using existing telephones, fax machines, PBXs, key telephone systems, routers, LANs, and WANs.
Most older PABXs and key telephone systems cannot be reprogrammed to handle INPAs.
(See article beginning on next page.) Companies with fewer than 100 employees constitute a significant market for communications equipment and services, with good growth ahead in hybrid key telephone systems, low-speed modems and alternative long-distance services, according to another Frost & Sullivan market study.