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The raw data from each questionnaire were keypunched according to the specified column format onto the personal computer using the Statistical Package for Social Science for Personal Computers (SPSSpc) Data Entry Program.
For the past 15 years, the returns were prepared on input forms, keypunched by in-house computer operators, and transmitted via modem to the area processing center.
And the data they do supply often must be manually keypunched into the Apollo system.
The transactions, coming in on in-bound WATS lines, were keypunched into IBM 3278 terminals.
Today's young labor economists surely are as incapable of appreciating the difficulties, in the 1980's, of conducting empirical research using data tapes that had to be obtained and manipulated with great effort as their young counterparts in 1989 must have been of appreciating the difficulties of doing research on data that, in the 1960's, had to be hand-copied and keypunched onto small cards.
Part of the logic in determining length grouping was the total number of intervals that could be keypunched on an 80-column data card.
Data was then keypunched, and the students were computer-sectioned into courses.
Being a "geekosaur," he has used computers ranging from the era when he keypunched programs onto cards to today, when he synchronizes his Handspring Visor PDA to his PC.
During the '70s, laboratory results were keypunched onto IBM cards and then transferred to the main hospital computer, which transformed the data into reports then sent to the clinician.
In this information age, it is truly astounding that most tax return information is keypunched by an operator," she observed.
Payments are often keypunched to the wrong blocks and lots and in the wrong amounts, and double payments, until now, were never used to offset later charges or charges from other accounts.
Our route drivers were bringing their delivery tickets back to the branches, where the route-settlement information would be keypunched, then delivered by transport truck to our headquarters (in Springfield, Mo.