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see staff treestaff tree,
common name for some temperate members of the Celastraceae, a family of trees and shrubs (many of them climbing forms), widely distributed except in polar regions.
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Another problem stems from the fact that for khat to have the desired stimulating effect, it must be chewed continuously for hours.
The Kizad plant, which has an investment of Dh80 million ($21.78 million), will further expand Al Khat's manufacturing capacity to meet the requirements of various supply contracts in the region.
Five months later, khat ingredients cathine and cathinone were banned in competition by the World Anti-Doping Agency.
Objective: This study was conducted to assess the prevalence and determinants of khat chewing among Gondar University students in Northwest Ethiopia.
'It is the policy of my government to see programmes to empower Jawi and khat calligraphy to be enlivened and empowered in the state.
A user in the capital Addis Ababa would expect to pay around $4 (S00) a day for khat from the eastern city of Harar, long a centre of production.
"For me, it's been about spending quality time with the kids doing a variety of activities you can't do at home," says Khat, who works part-time at a bank.
Niemer scored 29 points, while Khat Bell had 19 points for the Blaze Spikers.
The participants have used all five 'khat': Nastaleeq, Naskh, Sulus, Deewani and Khat-e-Kufi in their artworks.
The Khat Conundrum in Ethiopia: Socioeconomic Impact and Policy Directions
1 / 18 2 / 18 3 / 18 4 / 18 5 / 18 6 / 18 7 / 18 8 / 18 9 / 18 10 / 18 11 / 18 12 / 18 13 / 18 14 / 18 15 / 18 16 / 18 17 / 18 18 / 18 To an outsider, the mountains surrounding the center of Khat, in Al-Majardah province in northwestern Asir, appear impassable -- but for the gifted people who settled there, the peaks provided a sanctuary for their historic "hanging villages." The village offers a wide variety of attractive sites, ranging from high mountains covered with juniper trees to steep slopes, as well as various agricultural terraces, which are considered among the most important tourist destinations in the whole region.