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hoofed, herbivorous mammal of the genus Equus, closely related to the horse. It is distinguished from the horse by its small size, large head, long ears, and small hooves. There are three living species: Equus hemonius, the Asian wild ass; E.
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(Equus hemionus kiang), a perissodactyl mammal of the family Equidae, a geographical form (subspecies) of the Asiatic wild ass.

The kiang is a large and well-proportioned animal, approximately 140 cm high at the withers. The ears are longer than those of the horse but shorter than those of the ass. The mane is short and erect. The tail has a tuft of long hairs at the end. There are chestnuts (horny calluses) on the forelegs. The back and sides are reddish brown; the underside, whitish. The kiang is found in the desert uplands of Central Asia (Kashmir, Ladakh, Tibet), living in small herds and feeding on grass. The female gives birth to a single foal. The animal is very shy. It has a swift gait and great endurance. The kiang is hunted locally for its meat and hide. It is difficult to tame.

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