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kiblah, keblah, qibla

In Islam, the required orientation of the prayer niche, toward Mecca.
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When abroad and unable to find the kiblah, Islamic author Khaleeq Ahmad Mufti said worshippers should not be concerned about the geomagnetic storm, and that worshippers should practice "taharree", -- an Arabic terminology loosely translated to "inquiring to one's best ability" in a religious context.
Those worshippers managed to accomplish such a challenging task by being united behind one single target, that is the Kaaba, which Allah chose as the Muslims' Kiblah (direction) in prayer.
It consists of an open nave in the middle surrounded by four porticos, the deepest of which is that of the kiblah. The mosque is accessible through thirteen doors and has two minarets, the bigger of which is placed in the nave.
Saudi ArabiaAEs geographic significance and its sacrednessubeing the kiblah (Mecca) of the Muslims and the center of the Islamic worldufurther encouraged the coalition between the Wahabists and Ikhwan Muslimin that eventually moved to Saudi Arabia and settled there.
He called on Muslims to pray, read and learn the Qur'an and sciences, and be modest and benevolent, saying: "God united the nation by ordering us to pray to one God and one kiblah [Makkah, the direction in which Muslims pray], read one book [the Qur'an], follow the last and one Prophet [Mohammad] and fast one month [Ramadan]".
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Thereafter, Jerusalem became the Muslims' kiblah and Islam declared itself to be the legitimate heir of the other monotheist religious traditions of the West, Judaism and Christianity.
He also reiterated that "Lebanon stands side by side with Saudi Arabia, as a government and people, against terrorism and all those that cover it." "Arabs and Muslims all around the world consider that the Saudi Kingdom is the Kiblah of Muslims in defending their dignity and religion against terrorism and forces of extremism," the communiqu concluded.
The Persian Gulf littoral states are our neighbors and brothers, but Saudi Arabia in addition to being our brother and neighbor hosts the Muslim Kiblah and we have highly close cultural, historical and regional ties with each other," Rouhani said in June in response to a question about the prospects of the relations between Tehran and Riyadh in his administration.
Irtif Al Khatib, a Jordanian mother of three who uses a kiblah locator app on her smartphone said: "I downloaded an app on my phone and I depend on it, especially when I travel, to determine the location of the Qibla."
Similarly, all masques are directed toward a single center (Kiblah) and this has created a universal integrity among the masques of the world of Islam as well as the worshipers.