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1. A board placed around a platform or on a sloping roof to prevent workmen or materials from falling.
2. A member that forms the lowest vertical face of a kitchen cabinet, or the like, at toe level.
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For instance, the founder of Kickboard was a teacher struggling to collate and coordinate data on student progress across a multitude of sources.
As she finished a 500 on a kickboard earlier that day at practice, Taralee saw Coach Mark conspiring with some of the other 16-and-ups.
Micro Kickboard Monster Scooter (pounds 149.95 There has been a marked increase in adults using scooters to get around.
Micro Kickboard Original Scooter - pounds 119.95 from www.microscooters.
Indoors or outdoors, whether pushing a kickboard or bouncing a beach ball.
Expecting to move great amounts of water (resistance) with the kickboard over time and distance too quickly is asking for overwhelming fatigue to develop much too soon in the training session.
Breathe--kick, kick, kick--head down, head down, bubbles, bubbles, kick, kick, like this, like this, not like this, like this, good, good, good, champion, champion, master kickboard champion ...
Solution: Hold a kickboard widthwise, with your arms at the ends of the board and practice stroking with your arms shoulder-width apart.
For legs, he says, get a kickboard and put on some small swim fins.
The end result is more tragic than magic with its star spangled kickboard, star spotted ceiling and matching blind.
The men and women who staff the pool are a particularly gregarious bunch, always eager to practice their English after greeting you with a warm smile, They recognize most of the soldiers who use the pool regularly for exercise and meet you with a kickboard and pull-buoy while looking for an empty lane.