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in law, the taking away of a person by force, threat, or deceit, with intent to cause him to be detained against his will. Kidnapping may be done for ransomransom,
price of redemption demanded by the captor of a person, vessel, or city. In ancient times cities frequently paid ransom to prevent their plundering by captors. The custom of ransoming was formerly sanctioned by law.
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 or for political or other purposes. A parent whose legal rights to custody of a child have been revoked can be guilty of the crime for taking the child. Consent of a kidnapped person is a defense, unless given by one legally incompetent at the time (e.g., a minor or a mentally ill person). The crime differs from abduction, in that the intent of sexual intercourse is not required, and from false imprisonment, in which there is no attempt to abduct.

Under common law kidnapping was only a misdemeanormisdemeanor,
in law, a minor crime, in contrast to a felony. At common law a misdemeanor was a crime other than treason or a felony. Although it might be a grave offense, it did not affect the feudal bond or take away the offender's property. By the 19th cent.
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, but in most states of the United States it is now punishable by death or life imprisonment if there are no extenuating circumstances. The kidnapping and murder of the son of Charles A. LindberghLindbergh, Charles Augustus,
1902–74, American aviator who made the first solo, nonstop transatlantic flight, b. Detroit; son of Charles A. Lindbergh (1859–1924). He left the Univ. of Wisconsin (1922) to study flying.
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 in 1932 led to a federal statute prescribing severe penalties for transporting the victims of kidnapping across state or national boundaries. The practice of kidnapping, in the wider and not strictly legal sense, has been known since the beginnings of history. It was common as a method for procuring slaves, and it has also been employed by brigands and revolutionaries to obtain money through ransom or to hold hostages whose safe release was dependent on the freeing of political prisoners.


The main theme in abduction dreams is fear. The dreamer may be afraid of losing a very important part of himself or of losing his safest and most familiar surroundings. Also, the dreamer may be afraid of leaving his home, childhood, familiar support group, or long-standing ideas. These types of dreams may be most prevalent during times of psychological or physical transition and during stressful times of life when the future is somewhat uncertain. Consider the details of your dream and try to isolate and identify the fear that created the dream.
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The kidnappers forcibly took Gao to the Chinese Embassy and his official residence in Guinea-Bissau and took cash and other valuables, Chinese officials said.
'Now the residents are protesting that the kidnapper in their custody be released so that they can do instant justice.
The kidnappers had demanded Rs 5 million from the child's family.
The kidnapper later telephoned the Nagahara family in the town of Daimon to tell the woman to bring with her a 10 million yen ransom, the sources said.
Kidnappers, guised as postman, knocked at the door and abducted 11-year-old Abbu Bakar for ransom when he opened the door.
Ahead of the kidnappers' route, policemen at checkpoints established dragnets as police and military men chased the abductors, said Commodore Alexander Pama.
NAN reports that troops of operation thunder strike have been recording successes in their efforts to clear Kaduna-Abuja highway of kidnappers and other criminals.
The police also arrested the kidnapper Kamran and started further investigation.
It will be recalled that the suspected Nigerian kidnapper was remanded into police custody on December 30 by a magistrate court, but he escaped in the night.
Addressing a press conference, Superintendent Police (SP), Potohar Division, Haji Javed Anwar informed that Faisal Ahmed resident of Chaklala Scheme-III on Feb 7, submitted an application to the Airport police that his wife Shagufta Faisal was kidnapped from Scheme-III area and the kidnapper was demanding one million rupees ransom.
The only thing Alvin could say was that he was living with his uncle (kidnapper) and a little child, with whom he shared a bed.
Jashua said that he became Muslim in 2008 and right before his release by Pakistan army, when was still in the custody of the kidnappers and the firing had begun, the two kidnappers were arguing with each other whether to kill them or not but eventually the kidnapper with the gun refused to kill us because we were Muslim.