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kiln-dried, hot-air-dried

Dried or seasoned artificially in a kiln; excess moisture has been driven off by heating; usually has a moisture content, 1 of 6 to 12%.
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Inspired by the sleek sculptured lines of European modernism, the 14-piece group features double-doweled, kiln-dried hardwood frames, hand-tied springs and seat cushions made of down and feather wrapped around a foam core.
Once the source of oak is decided, however, attention must be given to how the wood should be seasoned--in particular whether it should be air-seasoned or kiln-dried.
Ruthin-based Clifford Jones Timber has also taken on new staff to help run Hunter's Fuels, the newlyformed company which aims to sell thousands of kilos of kiln-dried logs, kindling, brickettes and firelighters across the UK.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of 2" x 6" x 18~ #2 spruce lumber, kiln-dried.
Made from eco-friendly materials, including a kiln-dried hardwood frame from sustainably managed forests, it has thick recycled padding and plush seat cushions with a foam core that is 20 per cent soy-based material, a biodegradable alternative to petroleum-based ingredients.
The cumulative sum (CUSUM) chart is proposed as an alternative to traditional control charts for detecting small sustained changes in the mean charge moisture content of kiln-dried lumber.
The company produces more than 230 million board feet of hardwood lumber each year, with annual capacity of 95 million board feet of kiln-dried lumber.
Add a small amount of loose kiln-dried sand for the bedding in of the new block.
Premium deck boards, like cedar, are often kiln dried as well, but ask when you buy or look for a kiln-dried stamp or label.
The prized hop is grown in small quantities in Keizer, Oregon and kiln-dried in the Willamette Valley.