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kiln-dried, hot-air-dried

Dried or seasoned artificially in a kiln; excess moisture has been driven off by heating; usually has a moisture content, 1 of 6 to 12%.
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The samples for imaging were divided in two groups: (1) naturally seasoned and kiln-dried specimens and (2) thermally modified specimens.
"Dumpy bags of logs were fetching pounds 64, which was around 20-25% above reserve levels, and even the top-level kiln-dried stuff went 20% above reserve.
Boron penetration in air-dried beams averaged ([+ or -] SD) 8.8 [+ or -] 2.3 mm, while penetration averaged 7.0 [+ or -] 2.7 mm in the kiln-dried samples.
LWO Corporation makes a pre-assembled deck rail system that Eric Borden says is "pretty much put together for us." Woodway Architectural Deckrail panels are manufactured of clear, kiln-dried and molded Western red cedar that coordinates with several different deck rail accessories--posts, balusters and top, sub, and bottom rails.
It is estimated that about 50 per cent of the finished, kiln-dried and planed lumber will leave the Fort William sawmill for market by rail, while the remainder will leave by truck.
"All of the beers in the series are extremely limited in volume, and are interpretation of little-known variations of common beer styles." Mendel said that Warrior is a "wet" India Pale Ale, in that it uses freshly-picked hops instead of the kiln-dried variety.
All of the teak timber is kiln-dried and seasoned before cutting, resulting in dimensional stability and a lifetime of use.
Planks are air as opposed to kiln-dried. Timber panels and inner faces of the facade are treated with a coloured, solvent free, acrylic-based internal varnish.
Inspired by the sleek sculptured lines of European modernism, the 14-piece group features double-doweled, kiln-dried hardwood frames, hand-tied springs and seat cushions made of down and feather wrapped around a foam core.
Once the source of oak is decided, however, attention must be given to how the wood should be seasoned--in particular whether it should be air-seasoned or kiln-dried.
Use a washer on block paving and it'll drive out the kiln-dried sand, which you'll need to replace.
They have also pioneered a range of laminated timber at their specialist plant in Ruthin and diversified into a range of kiln-dried Hunter's Fuels products, and wooden gates and garden furniture and send almost 4,000 tons of residue a month for biomass pellets.