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(US), kilometer
one thousand metres, equal to 0.621371 miles.



a multiple of the meter, which is a unit of length in the International System of Units; equal to 1,000 m and abbreviated km. 1 km = 0.93738 Russian verst = 0.62137 British statute mile = 0.53996 nautical mile.


A unit of length equal to 1000 meters. Abbreviated km.


A measure of distances whose length is 1/10,000 part of the average distance between the equator and either pole and is equivalent to 3280 ft.
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2 kilometers, has been signed with Al Injaz Trading & Contracting Co.
Many volcanic features on Venur range in diameter from 100 to 500 kilometers and display a wide diversity of shapes.
By Saturday afternoon, it is forecast to be traveling 130 kilometers west-southwest of Legazpi City, Albay and by Sunday afternoon, it is likely to be at 105 kilometers west of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.
July 13 -- Stage 12: Pau -- Peyragudes (214,5 kilometers km)
By Tuesday morning, Ferdie is expected to be 550 kilometers east northeast of Aparri, Cagayan; 35 kilometers northwest of Itbayat, Batanes by Wednesday morning; 600 kilometers northwest of Itbayat, Batanes or outside the Philippine area of responsibility; and 945 kilometers north northwest of Itbayat Batanes by Friday morning.
83 kilometers of roads, were accomplished in the amount of P232 million.
The first contract is for repair of the existing carriageway of Yanbu- Sherma-Haql Road for a length of 70 kilometers at a cost of SR 77,999,998.
While there are 350 kilometers of highway per million people in Colombia, he says, there are 860 in Chile and 900 in Mexico.
During a summer storm in January 1995, the Larsen A Ice Shelf, which covered 2,000 square kilometers, disintegrated into a flotilla of small icebergs.
5 kilometers, biking 40 kilometers and running 10 kilometers is still a major test of endurance.
A study by the Italian Merchant Marine Ministry found that the Italian fleet had 720 boats with nets an average length of 10 kilometers, four times the official limit.