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His kindness to his little cousin was consistent with his situation and rights: he made her some very pretty presents, and laughed at her.
Price: he assisted her liberally in the education and disposal of her sons as they became old enough for a determinate pursuit; and Fanny, though almost totally separated from her family, was sensible of the truest satisfaction in hearing of any kindness towards them, or of anything at all promising in their situation or conduct.
He believed in kindness. He also contended that better confidence was established by carrying no weapons.
"I grant that precaution is necessary in dealing with them," Joan agreed; "but I believe that more satisfactory results can be obtained by treating them with discreet kindness and gentleness."
"At first we made the mistake of indiscreet kindness. We tried to rule by persuasion and fair treatment.
I will trust to your own kindness of heart when I am at a distance from you." But this, with the look of sorrow accompanying it, was enough to melt Catherine's pride in a moment, and she instantly said, "Oh, Eleanor, I will write to you indeed."
Catherine had never thought on the subject till that moment, but, upon examining her purse, was convinced that but for this kindness of her friend, she might have been turned from the house without even the means of getting home; and the distress in which she must have been thereby involved filling the minds of both, scarcely another word was said by either during the time of their remaining together.
From your lips first have I heard the voice of kindness directed towards me; I shall be forever grateful; and your present humanity assures me of success with those friends whom I am on the point of meeting.'
THE Last Prophet (PBUH) taught love, kindness and compassion to his people, and was seen to be the most loving, kind, and compassionate of all of them.
but, oh, if only you had the right to be born, we would have enlightened you to these virtues of kindness, tolerance and anti-bullying."
RAWALPINDI -- The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has set up a Wall of Kindness on the Murree Road adjacent Liaquat Bagh to help the poor students.
In keeping with the spirit of Ramadan, Instagram MENA is launching its first ever Ramadan campaign #MonthOfGood calling on the global community to celebrate and share kindness on its platform.