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see body languagebody language,
nonverbal communication by means of facial expessions, eye behavior, gestures, posture, and the like. Body language expresses emotions, feelings, and attitudes, sometimes even contradicting the messages conveyed by spoken language.
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In her conclusion, 'Reconstructing Skill', for instance, Tribble makes the excellent observation that 'thinking--including thinking with the body or kinesic intelligence--is very differently distributed in the cognitive ecology of the "reconstructed" stage' (155).
The kinesic element of the oral tradition can also function as visual mnemonics.
In addition, as suggested by the proposed CoSESM model, paralinguistic factors such as pitch accents and prosodic breaks can be coupled with kinesic factors in order to effectively communicate the intended message.
Recovery from effort should be made on all levels--physical, metabolic, psychical, in terms of diet--and kinesic treatment of microtraumas should become a rule.
Chapter 2, 'Kinesic Tropes and Action Verbs', explores the blurring of the distinction between the literal and figural in Patience, foregrounding the reader's necessary 'resort to the concrete literality of his sensorimotor cognition and kinaesthetic and kinesic intelligence' (p.
Most obviously in this regard, he consistently deploys small-scale kinesic and paralinguistic cues that are well captured in the synch sound, medium close and close up shots that Lunson uses to render his interviews, each of which help to generate a sense that he is amenable to self-effacement.
In terms of his dancing steps, hairstyle and costume, the audience would mistake him for Daddy Showkey but for his prominent kinesic deficiency in height.
I contend that masculinities are communicated through hip-hop dance and are a non-verbal language that I term Hip-Hop Kinesic Language or HHKL, which finds its verbiage from Rudolf Laban's Laban Movement Analysis.
[Randomized study on urinary continence after radical prostatectomy with previous kinesic perineal physiotherapy].
SOCIO-DEMOGRAPHICS FEATURES OF A QUALITATIVE SAMPLE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONALS FROM HOSPITALES BASE FROM VALDIVIA AND SAN JOSE FROM OSORNO, AUGUST 2010-MARCH OF 2012 Variable HBV (a) HSJO (b) Total n n n Sex Men 2 2 4 Women 11 4 15 Total 13 6 19 Age 20-30 1 1 2 31-40 2 2 4 41-50 2 2 4 51-60 8 1 9 61-70 0 0 0 Total 13 6 19 Profession Registered Nurse 11 1 12 Medical Technician 1 0 1 Kinesic Theraphist 0 1 1 Registered Widwife 1 1 2 Pharmacist 0 2 2 Lawyer 0 1 1 Total 13 6 19 Years on active duty 01-10 2 4 6 11-20 2 0 2 21-30 4 0 4 31-40 5 2 7 Total 13 6 19 (a) Hospital Base Valdivia.
The embodied reader can use the kinesic, enactive features of a character's experience in order to develop probabilistic, causal structures for it and yet be observant about its truth status in the framework of the storyworld, depending on the precision she assigns to these feedback loops.