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see body languagebody language,
nonverbal communication by means of facial expessions, eye behavior, gestures, posture, and the like. Body language expresses emotions, feelings, and attitudes, sometimes even contradicting the messages conveyed by spoken language.
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Differences in the organisation of access to land and resources; kinship systems; social, political, and economic organisation; kinesic and conversational patterns; and art styles can all be seen and interpreted and understood as characteristic of this contrast (Figs 5-7).
I contend that masculinities are communicated through hip-hop dance and are a non-verbal language that I term Hip-Hop Kinesic Language or HHKL, which finds its verbiage from Rudolf Laban's Laban Movement Analysis.
These include kinesics (body movements), physical appearance, vocalic (the sound of a speaker's voice), haptics (how a speaker touches someone), proxemics (the use of physical space), environment and artifacts (how a speaker uses instruments, props, and the environment), and chronemics (how a speaker uses time).
Contract awarded for This proposal is aimed at the acquisition of clinical equipment for community living kinesics rehabilitation hospital and psychomotor development of mejillones, bip code: 30111348-0.
Carceral geography can draw here upon Kotarba's (1979) study of the expression of intimacy between inmates and their visitors, demonstrating both the challenges of accessing these experiences methodologically and the utility of body language or kinesics in understanding the affective experience of the visit.
Under the Basic Triple Structure, kinesics is defined as "gestures, manners, and postures", and paralanguage as "voice modifications and independent word-like utterances coded in the vocal/narial-auditory channel" (Poyatos, 1984, p.
This is the theme Jeffery Deaver has selected for this latest novel featuring kinesics expert Kathryn Dance, in which forensic specialist Lincoln Rhyme makes merely a cameo appearance.
Research on nonverbal communication, from Darwin's study The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals (1872), to contemporary research on kinesics, proxemics, chronemics, and haptics, will provide the theoretical basis.
1952, Introduction to Kinesics (An Annotation System for Analysis of Body Motion and Gesture).
In a narrow sense, this author refers to paralanguage as the paraverbal features, which consist on kinesics, proxemics and the paraverbal features of the vocally-produced sounds.
9 9 ) : His third Kathryn Dance thriller featuring the kinesics (body language) expert sees Dance go to the aid of her friend, a young country and western singer who is attracting the attentions of a stalker.