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see body languagebody language,
nonverbal communication by means of facial expessions, eye behavior, gestures, posture, and the like. Body language expresses emotions, feelings, and attitudes, sometimes even contradicting the messages conveyed by spoken language.
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The final questionnaire consists of 46 questions both in the English version and the Chinese version, which addresses the two nonverbal dimensions of negotiation under study: proxemics (location and site), physical arrangement (seating and furniture arrangement) and kinesics (eye contact, facial expressions, and gestures).
The work of Lapaire (2005) explores a yen new form of kinesic representation, where analyses of the varying degrees of meaning and force of closely similar grammatical options--in English, for example, should, must, and have to--are illustrated through gesture and movement.
To achieve these results, interviewers should match or "mirror" the interviewee's kinesics, language, and paralanguage.
The first one is kinesics, which is the inability to read body language of self or others.
Deaver's latest offering is Roadside Crosses, featuring kinesics (body language) expert Kathryn Dance.
of New Brunswick) explores the spatial, temporal, and other non-verbal experiences of book readers and play and movie audiences, and how translators can perceive implicit paralanguage and kinesics in texts.
Th e recent SLEEPING DOLL (2007) introduces special agent Kathryn Dance, an expert in interrogation and kinesics.
This series is a refreshing addition to the mystery genre; exploring the intriguing world of kinesics and the role it plays in criminal investigations as well as everyday life.
Body movements can exteriorize involuntarily and unconscious processes and many contemporary choreographers, like their forerunner Isadora Duncan, look for the first code of gestures or "first movement" prior to the aesthetic codification of kinesics (see, e.
Viaggio, Sergio (1997): Kinesics and the simultaneous interpreter: the advantages of listening with one's eyes and speaking with one's body.