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in zoology: see cobracobra,
name for African and Asian snakes of the family Elapidae that are equipped with inflatable neck hoods. The family also includes the African mambas, the Asian kraits, the New World coral snakes and a large number of Australian snakes.
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The King cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is a venomous snake endemic to forests from India to Southeast Asia.
Meanwhile, they had debuted the first King Cobra in 1986--a chunky V-Frame (.41) heavy-duty service .357.
Even through there isn't a King Cobra that's the peer to the quality of a Coll Python, it's still a double-action Coll.
'In one instance, that happened many years ago, [a person] died trying to kill a king cobra. The snake was already clinically dead, but its involuntary muscles still moved and the person got bitten,' Sy said.
"Raja -- The World's Largest King Cobra" is a side-by- side race in two-person tubes six stories high.
The pair meet Catface who introduces them to London, and the three try to recapture the King Cobra who has escaped from London Zoo.
Hailing from Pasir Puteh, Kelantan, the late King Cobra Squad chief had served as a fire fighter for more than 10 years and the Muadzam Shah Fire Department in Pekan.
In a rare incident, a king cobra and a giant python engaged in a lethal battle that resulted in no survivor.
Customs and Border Protection agents were spared a spine-chilling surprise when a California man was arrested in July for trying to smuggle three highly poisonous king cobra snakes hidden in potato chip canisters.
I was 14, and she had a way of touching my shoulder when she talked, which had the same effect on me as the snake charmer's flute does on a drowsy king cobra. And because she mostly wanted to talk about politics, I abandoned my obsession with dungeons, dragons, and the other childish distractions and started caring about the Real World.
Pensacola, FL, August 12, 2017 --(PR.com)-- "We hope that our contribution to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northwest Florida will help in some small way to change a kid's life," says Bryan Calderon, owner of King Cobra of Florida.
Summary: Singh recently bought a king cobra from a local snake charmer and tamed it in his home